Friday, March 15, 2013

visions of spring

The last few days here have seemed pretty spring like. I have taken the opportunity to continue my driving conditioning program. Legacy and I are up to a solid 1/2 hr of working trot, mixed with walk , halt and back. We still have gobs of work to do, esp for the "rein back"  Legacy worries about backing. I don't know if it is the fact she can not see where she is going (due to her blinkers)  or worries about pushing my carriage backwards or ????? instead of a nice rounded proper back, we get a high headed, hollowed back, I think I will work on the rein back in long lines, and see if I can get her confidence better, and then ask for the rein back in the carriage.
I can tell that Legacy is getting more and more fit. She is on pasture now, as our grass has grown enough for her to graze, instead of me feeding hay. She gets a measured serving of grain
We will work up to 45 min of trot work in our arena. Then, we take things outside and repeat our workouts and start to add in hill work. Getting a harness horse fit and strong is a long process,  but Legacy and I sure are enjoying the journey along the way. New pics soon!

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  1. And I know you are enjoying every minute of the process towards the goal! :)
    I think that is a good idea to try the rein back sans cart. You know your horse and have an good idea of what may be bothering her. Let us know if that works!


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