Tuesday, March 19, 2013


And Winter is out with a BANG!! I noticed many of our RAC group was covered in this storm! Heavy, wet snow and now it's desperately trying to freeze rain! Ugh! I didn't expect to do anything productive with Linus today but the afternoon weather wasn't too bad and my new hackamore came a week early!! So I just had to try it. I had some fellow RACers helping me with input (many thanks Caren and Marion). I had wanted to try the LG Zaum bitless. It was kind of pricey though and I wanted to try to get something from Canada to save on customs, shipping etc. Well my weeks of searching prevailed and I found a company who makes the pictured "Floatation Hackamore" right here in Canada. Their service was excellent and I am very pleased with the quality. Even though today was a short round pen trial I was exceptionally pleased!! I got nice tight circles in both directions from Linus, a great whoa and very quick backing. All on a pretty loose rein and with no stiff neck or head tossing from him. When I got off he didn't try to rub it off on me either!
Linus was very good today. I don't know if he got his first bout of "spring fever" out of him yetserday? I just used the bareback pad. I usually find it hard to get him going in the round pen. He gets bored in there so easy. Today he was a gem though. He went both directions very easy, trotted as soon as I asked and whoa'd by my voice! It was a superb little ride and made my day!
Doesn't he look more like a shaggy shetland?? (Ok maybe not a shetland! Lol)
Donna and Linus
Lunenburg, On
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