Saturday, March 30, 2013

Happy Bithday Janeen!

Thanks for inviting us on your cyber ride!  It sure was a beauty day here in Eastern Ontario Canada. 
Snow is melting, Sun is starting to shine again.  Mud is back....
We had an eventful ride as my friends horse was doing the same as Corky... noticing EVERYTHING 'new' that is starting to peek out of the snow.  My friend did a good job working to keep him steady but it was a big task yesterday. 

Sunny was great.  He was on 'go' yesterday.  So, we had to work on 'discipline' at the walk because Marianne and Duke needed us to stay close.  Sunny wanted to move out but with some work on some relaxation exercises and they worked well.  We are also working on change of direction with no rein contact... working on it... lol!  I have started putting a bit in his mouth to get him used to it in his mouth before I start using it.  We are getting closer to more advanced moves in the saddle which added and more subtle communication with the bit will help.   For now though I will ride with just my rope halter still.  I want the majority of my communication through my body.  (I just have to make sure my body is saying the right thing! hahhaa)

Perhaps the relaxation exersises worked too well.. because as you can see... from the picture of Sunny by himself, the side of the saddle AND the side of his face! are muddy... Yep, he decided that a Happy Birthday to Janeen roll was needed.. while I was IN the saddle!  (Maybe I have been working on his lay down too much... hhehehee).  I thought he was bending down to scratch his face... I knew something was 'different' when my foot touched the ground!  I promptly hopped out of the saddle and then asked him to get up before he hurt his back by rolling on my saddle!  He did - phew!  What a guy.  Hot sun, muddly and itchy from sweat and shedding hair.... poor guy. 
I took the saddle off so he could have a good roll but he opted not to at that point. 

Thanks again for inviting us out on such a beautiful day for a Birthday Ride! 
Cyndi and Sunny from Bourget, Ontario, Canada (east of Ottawa)


  1. Oh, my goodness, Cyndi! I'm so glad you're okay, but did find myself laughing a little! Those darn stinkers! Corky hasn't tried to roll with me on him, but he has just folded up and laid down with no warning. Some day I'll figure out what the cues are for that, so I know what I'm doing wrong! Or right, depending on how you look at it.

    1. Janeen, I would love the cues too! hahaha
      I have a cue for him when I'm on the ground but not on him! He did it again yesterday. He's very careful with me, he kind of folds down like Corky did and then when I step away, he starts to roll, which I promptly interupt so he doesn't break his back or my saddle! I think it might be the itchies... They are SO itchy right now and I guess they just want to scratch ;-)


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