Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cowgirl or Girl fool with her horse.. you decide ;-)

Oh yeah, just to be funny, I have been messing around with Sunny about laying down.  So, over the past month, he'll lay down after a ride.  Yesterday, in the windy conditions, as you can hear... Sunny isn't too worried about it and this is the second time I stayed on him while he got up.  I try not to do it too often so I don't break his trust about laying down near me... but as you can see... towards the end of the video.... he's pretty relaxed about the whole situation! lol... what a guy. 
After I hopped off, I took him back the paddock and he layed down two more times!  I didnt' get on him though.  Just patted him.
If you see the trailer in the back of the video... that's our 'new' round pen!  Can't wait to starting messing around in there!  And... I played one of those 'game' of desensitizing / trust building and had him sniff, touch, paw and climb up with front feet on  the trailer!  Fun!


  1. That was SO great Cyndi and Sunny!!!! What a beautiful curly he is!!! Thanks for sharing Cyndi!!! Keep up the great work!

  2. that is awesome, funny I was just telling my husband I want to learn Freedom to laydown ;-)
    Good job he is a nice boy you have there!

  3. Cowgirl, definitely, and I loved the video. He is so calm and relaxed and happy, and what a beautiful boy he is! I like his coloring, 4 whites and a blaze.

  4. He's from Karalee Bell at Whirlwind Curlies. From the pictures I've seen, he looks just like his mother.
    The lay down.... it's a funny thing! I tried for 2 months to get him to lay down. I knew I wanted it to be a 'trick'. There are lots of ways to lay a horse down using ropes (some more gentle than other but still...) I just wanted (and hoped) he would do it out of trust. So, I lured him with treats and clicker trained him too. Two months, I had him going down on his front knees but never a full lie down on 'my' request or prompt.. So I waited... When I could see he WANTED to laydown, after a ride, I would walk with him kind of slowly, looking down and 'pawing the ground with my foot, almost no eye contact, very 'unthreatening' and then I would squat down as he was beginning to go down. The first few times, I just stayed where I was and calm and just watched him. Then each time after that I got closer, always staying relaxed and non-threatening. Then I got closer and offered treats RIGHT TO HIS FACE so I could interupt the roll. Probably within 5 times of that, he was very quickly (as you can see, he offers to do it before we are even back in the paddock!), He knows I become the human pez dispenser! Then I started standing up near him while feeding, then sitting on him and feeding, straddling and feeding and the video is the second time I stayed on him. As you can see from the video... probably because I have taken things slowly, he very 'relaxed'... and it's not because he had to pee... because I got off of him right after, walked him to his paddock and he layed down twice more! Waiting, hoping for the human horse-treat pez dispenser to come! lol...
    Now, I prompt with "lay down" before he goes down.... one day hoping he will do it on a verbal prompt or visual (seeing me paw the ground or squatting). That'll be cool!


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