Tuesday, March 26, 2013

hair, Hair, HAIR and making lemonade

Wow...spring must be in the mind of Legacy, as she is shedding like a beast!  Driving gives you a whole new perspective on shedding hair. When riding, you are not bothered by shedding hair much, (other than the initial grooming prep) but driving...LOL...a whole 'nuther deal.  As you drive, and the breeching and reins touch your horse and work back and forth, it helps to rub off shedding hair....it is probably generally not a bad thing, until a puff of wind gathers all that loose hair and plants it right in your face!  As a driver, you are in the perfect location for a whole face full of hair....

Legacy and I have been working outdoors daily. Her gaits are consistent now, even on the uneven ground. Our next task is to take on hill work, furthering her conditioning for the upcoming show season.  Legacy and I are doing well, and enjoying every precious moment.

now...about that lemonade...

I posted just one time about my second driving prospect "Lady"......she spent 4 months at our harness trainer and to say things were complicated were an under statement.  She was just not advancing in her harness training..solid one day, then bothered and no cooperative the next....and  there was time off for teeth issues, then training issues again, that my trainer thought he had worked out. Around the middle of March, the trainer called and told me how well Lady was working in my cart. The next night he called back again, and I knew that phone call was not the one I was waiting to hear. Lady had blew up again in harness, and our trainer was done. I had a choice to make.....bring her home, or send her to a trainer that might have a war wagon that she could not hurt, or hurt herself with...so, the tough choice was made and I brought her home, I was done trying to fit her in a square hole, when she was a round peg. Lady is already broke to ride, and all of her harness training did nothing to harm that training. In fact, it was a quite expensive way to advance her ground manners..LOL.....so, Lady is back home, and I will be deciding on her future here. I was sooooooo hoping she would succeed at driving, she is a lovely, correct dressage  mover, simply stunning to watch, she literally floats and dances...but we will be watching her float and dance while under saddle, instead of in harness.....life happens!  The situation also makes me appreciate Legacy even MORE (if that is possible) because of her willingness to be such a great harness horse....I am going to go hug my horse now.

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  1. That's funny about the hair flying while you're driving; I never thought about it until you mentioned it! So sorry about Lady not working out the way you had hoped, but I've come to believe that each animal has its own strengths and weaknesses like we do and we have to go with it. Looking forward to your driving competitions, as I don't know anything about what is involved in a competition for that.


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