Thursday, March 28, 2013

Second After Work Ride of the Week!

~Susan and Ah-D in Maine~
Yes, spring is on the way!  During my grooming session before my ride, I was admiring my Curly's very handsome three-tone curly fetlocks, so I took a picture to show all of you.
Aren't they so beautiful?
Too bad I dropped my camera right in a pile of spring manure as I lifted it up away from Ah-D's leg.  Really gross, got it on the lens and everything.  Needless to say, I left my camera behind as we went for our ride.
We cut across the road and headed into the woods.  I was ducking tree limbs to beat the band.  I'm going to have to go in their with a pair of brush cutters and make myself a path.  I took the usual route over a low spot in the stone wall, where I need to squeeze over to avoid a branch in the side and simultaneously hang on for the jump (I like this path because it offers its challenges), when I noticed - Hey, a big deer had used the same route!  I liked it.
We headed through the woods towards the Christmas tree farm.  I stopped to take a picture with my phone, but instead took a short video.  I figured my daily photo karma was terrible, so I quit even trying.  Ah-D was pretty frisky anyway, and I had no business messing around with camera phones and messaging; I needed to pay attention to where we were going.
We passed the big skating rink that will soon be a pond again, and turned down the trail, where we encountered some new big equipment.  Ah-D feebly attempted to convince me that he just might be frightened of the skidder, but I wasn't falling into that trap.  Mr. Sensitive enjoys playing the I'm Scared Game when he has excess energy.  Instead, I focused on the trail until we passed the skidder, and then took an uphill trail where we enjoyed a few canters.
Boy it sure feels good to be out on my Curly boy.  I am looking forward to the April challenge to review some of our de-spooking exercises and try some new ones!

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  1. EEewwwww! Fresh manure! But inside I'm laughing. AhD does have pretty fetlocks! Our QH mare does that in the winter, but she doesn't sport curls, so AhD is much better to look at! Funny how some horses seem to think too much if given the time, and seem to think all new things are scary.


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