Sunday, March 10, 2013

In Search of Views

What a glorious day for a ride it was today in Maine! Beautiful clear blue sky, in the 40’s. light breeze and two very good friends to join Didder and I on a ride via the back roads to Sanatorium Hill.

Terry came around noon, lugging tons of clothes, saying, “I didn’t know what to wear!” So, I showed her what I was wearing, and from that she picked out her wardrobe. She very smartly had her husband Bob lug her saddle. My husband was nowhere in sight. Shucks! Bob and Terry are Allie’s ‘real’ owners. Every so often we have the opportunity to ride together, and this morning when I asked her to ride, her responding text was this – “YES!!!” We chatted while saddling up our two boys. Didder was very nosy about Terry and smelled her all over in case she had treats. Both boys were very happy about getting out. Isn’t it just so nice when your horses like to get out on a beautiful day, too?

As soon as I swung into the saddle, I called my friend Kate and reported that we were leaving the dooryard, so that she could meet us on the road. Didder was quite excited, and I swear he knew we were headed out to meet Jax.

Hebron Center Road

Jax up ahead

Soon after we met up with Kate and Jax, we turned onto Hebron Center Road, which is low traffic and pretty scenery, a really nice road to ride on when you are enjoying talking with your friends.  We rode all the way to the end, and turned right to head up the steep part of Sanatorium Hill.  Allie was a-huffin’ and a puffin’ by the time we were at the top.  

Allie coming up behind

We took a break to enjoy the views and commemorate the occasion with a timed photo.  As usual when I set the camera down on a tree branch, Ah-D thought the camera just might be a treat and I had to keep him from nosing it off of the apple tree.
Look at the view behind us three amigos!
The road leveled out and we kept going towards the second view opportunity.  We stopped and talked a bit with Mrs. Cushman and her two great-grandchildren.  Ah-D thought seven year old Jackson was extremely interesting and sniffed him top to bottom.  I don’t think Jackson had ever even been close to a horse before.  Maybe Jackson smelled like cookie
Mount Washington is right over Ah-D's right ear
We came to the cornfield and the second panoramic view. 

Two buds, Jax and Ah-D

The sky was so clear that we could see all the way to Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  We spied the clock tower of Hebron Academy nestled in the valley so we could judge how far we had come.  We gazed at Streaked Mountain and talked about how we would like to make it all the way there next summer.
Looking at Streaked
Passing the apple orchard (one of the many) on the way home
We headed back for home feeling very refreshed and happy. We took it slowly down the steep side of Sanatorium Hill. When we reached the bottom and turned on to Center Road again, Jax abruptly fell right onto his knee! He got up ok and wasn’t limping, but he did trip a few times on the way home. He was a very well behaved boy today, as were all of our ponies. My Ah-D is so blessed to have such good horsie friends, and I am blessed to have such good human friends. We all really enjoyed each other’s company on this ride.

At three hours, this was Terry’s longest ride ever. She drives her horses, and I ride mine, and we are hoping to mix that up a little come summer. I am really looking forward to it! But in the meantime, I sure am enjoying these fabulous late winter taste of spring days, riding my handsome Curly pony that I love so much.
could it be my husband is warming up to my Curly???
Terry talking to her husband Bob about the ride


  1. Wow Susan, with the countryside you have to ride in me thinkth you a little spoiled,, fantsstic sites to see and an awesome horse, what more could you want

  2. Me-thinketh you are spot on, Harold.

  3. wouw I want to join you on a ride!!!!!!


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