Sunday, March 3, 2013

Step 1 and Promoting!

I was not able to get any new pictures so I added one of my son and Linus from this winter - it's just too cute not to share. Linus adores kids! He even tried to climb a snowhill to play with them last weekend!
A local horseman (QH) stopped by the Post Office the other day while I was loading my car. I had on my RAC Jacket and he asked me what I had on it and what it was all about. He didn't realise Linus was a Curly! He thought Linus was a QH. So I told him about the RAC and what we do and he was pretty impressed by it all. I had a similar situation a few weeks prior when delivering a package to a woman who does dressage. She thought it was a very neat way for a horse community to connect and keep motivated. Go RAC!
I've said before Linus is a horse who gets bored easily. He loves doing games and seeing new things. So I now have a trick training book and we have chosen "bow" as our first trick. This was inspired by my difficulty mounting with the bareback pad - he's just too darn tall!!
So yesterday I went in and we did some liberty work - no halter etc. I tried join-up and in about 30 seconds he said "let's work, you don't need to run me around!" It was funny! I love how he'd rather get down to it. We started with backing and quarter yielding. I hadn't expected to try Step 1 with him so I didn't have any treats with me but he is curious enough that I didn't need any. I will stock up for next time!
Step 1 is to get your horse to reach his head back between his legs. The book suggests a carrot to teach him and use of the cue word (whatever you want it to be - we are using "bow") I slapped my work glove fingers together to get his attention and draw his head down. He was so awesome and followed my hand right between his forelegs! We did it about 3 times! I can use this step to now go to either the 2 legged bow (plie) or 1 legged. They say some horses find one easier than the other so we will just see which Linus prefers to do.
What a fun way to still spend time with Linus when we don't have the footing to do much riding!
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  1. Good job on the promoting! I can't wait to see the pictures of Linus bowing!

  2. That is really cool that you are on your way to Trick #1 and that it will be a useful trick! Spread the Curly Word, my Canadian friend! And it's more difficult for you because your horse is smooth-coated so he doesn't stick out as being a Curly. Great job!


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