Monday, May 3, 2010

Back in the RAC!

Well, Billy and I are back in the RAC and I could not be more thrilled! Although, Billy might not feel the same!

My goal for this year is to conquer my FEARS! And there are many! Fear is something that CAN keep us safe, but it can become debilitating when it is unfounded. And, the majority of my fears are unfounded which leaves me so frustrated at times.

Billy is an amazing horse. He does not rear, has only bucked once (and I stayed on). He has unbelievable ground manners. In the last couple years, he has just started to express his opinion at times. Things such as "I don't want to stop right now even though you have my head cranked to my belly" and the all too common "I don't want to go that way." He is not an energetic horse, so bolting has never been an option for him. All in all, he is extremely manageable. It is just all the "what ifs" that constantly circulate through my brain!

I guess as I get older, I realize that I am more fragile and take much longer to recover from even the slightest injury.

Denise's mini-challenge could not have come at a better time for me. I have been working with Billy on a daily basis in the roundpen with amazing results. I am so excited to challenge myself and push through my fear and work on the list she has developed! I am sure that I will not complete them all in a month. But, that is okay. I will continue to work on them throughout the year.

By the end of this year, I want to be able to blog that I am no longer terrified to put my foot in the stirrup. That the knot in my stomach is gone. It WILL happen! WoooHoooooo! I cannot wait to say that!

Happy Riding everyone. Let's get busy on this challenge!

Laura and Billy

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  1. Laura, been there done that, still doing that. Here is some things that helped me a lot: riding several other horses that I KNEW were safe because I saw other people be safe on them (visualization. Good luck!


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