Monday, May 3, 2010

Something New

On Sunday, AhD and I trailered up to Laurie Lee’s house for to ride in a new area with new friends! Well, new to AhD, I have known Laurie for several years but we have never ridden together. I am very fortunate to actually have a fellow Curly lover within an hour or so driving distance. Dream is a sturdy and eye-catching ambassador for the Curly breed, with her buckskin-toned bay summer coat and her wildly curly fetlocks. At first, Dream did not really care to be riding out in her territory with a new guy, but she never once pinned her ears or kicked at AhD – and AhD does seem to bring that out in many horses with his too-friendly demeanor. AhD was happy to be out and about, and we enjoyed a low-key, relaxing trail ride in Laurie’s BEAUTIFUL countryside. We meandered through back roads and up an old county road trail that was lined with stone walls and trees. It was wicked hot and muggy for early May in Maine and the black flies were in full force, but the flowers were blooming and the birds were singing. Being a good friend and thoughtful person, Laurie chatted to me and kept my mind occupied with happy thoughts; she knew that I had lost a good friend to cancer on Saturday. We passed a large farm that used to be the most cutting-edge farm in Maine with its newfangled cement floors. It is no longer a working farm, but there were 10-15 diverse cows hanging about in one of the pastures who were very interested in our horses, and vice-versa on AhD’s part. Dream paid them no mind. I was impressed with Laurie’s very calm, relaxed and loving way with Dream and in the trust Dream had in Laurie. Other than being totally fidgety before we hit the trails, AhD was likewise an outstanding and very well-behaved boy, and I can’t even begin to count the ways in which he was good!

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  1. Great to see the two of you out together with your beautiful curlies. Dream reminds me of Luna but really could be a poster for one of the many stupendous Chip babies. And of course Ah-D looks fabulous. I know exactly what you mean about to friendly ways Susan-Elektra loves to "poke" horses with her nose to check them out or say hi. Some tolerate it, Keri of course always tolerates it and pokes back as well.


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