Monday, May 3, 2010

May contest challenges

Well, this set of challenges could not have come at a better time. Weather is warming up down here in Central Texas and I had just made a "bridge" from an old pallet we had lying around. Simultaneously, my weanlings were learning how to turn on the faucet and created a nice puddle for us to ride through. Ginger was fantastic as she stepped carefully through the puddle, went around the cones, smelled the "bridge" and hopped up and over with nary a complaint. Later, the weaners also investigated the new noisy, scary "bridge" and before long they too were sniffing, pawing, and fighting over who could be first to jump on top!

I have ridden Ginger bareback a lot but this time had a nice Barefoot treeless saddle on her, although as her pregnancy progresses, it's harder than ever to keep it from slipping around. I just bought a new Aussie hackamore from Clinton Anderson and can't wait to try it out as a "new" bitless bridle next weekend.

As for some of the other tasks, I will have to endeavor to meet up with some others for trail rides, as that is my greatest challenge. With 4 kids, homeschooling one, and living about 1.5 hours away from our horses, it's often just me and my lonesome trying to whip these Curly MFTs into shape. I doubt I'll get much done in that regard during May, but will make it a yearlong goal to get to by Dec 31.

Also, as with a prior contestant, I am recovering from a bad fall last year that cost me my confidence. The ground is a lot harder than I remember and I had decided not to wear my helmet because it was just too hot! Well, never again after that hard bump...helmet is always on now, no matter how sweaty I get..

Thanks, Denise, for inspiring us to do more with our curlies and get the word out, too!

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