Thursday, May 6, 2010

So glad it was windy!!!

This challenge is changing my whole mind-set about the weather in Michigan. I got home and it was extremely windy and I thought "Great!! Time to do a challenge!" I have even been wishing for rain!

Last night, with the help of my husband and Rylee, we did some more challenges. Billy was a little more excitable this time. But, he was still a good boy!

For the Windy Challenges, we did the bag on a stick (we don't use those plastic grocery bags anymore, so we had to improvise), stand on a pedestal, wagonwheel, and Rylee and the basketball. Notice Rylee HIT Billy with the ball the second time! I had to crack up because Billy gave the look like "What the heck kind of game is this!"

After the Windy Challenges, we did the tarp and jump (he is a VERY lazy curly). Not so sure the jump will count for points. Denise will have to let me know on that one. It would take ALOT of energy out of ME to get him to jump. The tarp was just funny. The wind was blowing it all over and then all of a sudden he looks up the driveway. I couldn't figure out what was going on. My husband mouthed "turkey" to me. I thought "Really Billy??? A turkey is getting you all upset?" Very humorous in a way!

Hope you enjoy another video!

I am going to start the riding challenges very soon. Those will be difficult for me and it will probably take me forever to get one video done!


  1. Holy Cow, that wind WAS blowing!!! GREAT job! And yes...that jump DOES count! The idea is simply be able to send him over it and have him have some energy...not perfect form. =] So funny about the Turkey! =] Just be glad it wasn't moving fast like Ruby!!! HA! Really loved it, Laura...keep up the great work!!!

  2. Loved the basketball :-) I've always wondered how it would work to shoot baskets from horseback, may try it sometime. Billy is a nice looking curly, even if he is afraid of a turkey.

  3. Thanks Denise! I am having a great time with him!

    I have shot a basket off Billy before. I am a terrible shot so the ball usually came back and either hit Billy or me!

    Thanks for the positive comments!


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