Tuesday, May 4, 2010

"In the game" with Reese!

Hello!! Wanted to present proof that I am working right along side you in this challenge. =] On Saturday it was warm and muggy...the PERFECT day for a bath! =] Then later, Reese and I played in the arena and freshened up on some of our ground stuff. We are working on the back up - can't quite get 30 fluid steps but we are working on it! =] Sunday, I rode with my friend but I think it was 10 miles and I didn't clock it...so will have to do that one over. It was threatening rain and I thought I might come home with some points for riding in the rain..but no such luck! Lol. (Funny how now you hope for rain! Changes your whole outlook when you gain points! =] )

Note: Ruby, my JRT makes her usual appearance! Watch closely! =]


  1. I love your video Denise. I'd love to have Linus responding that lightly to me. Maybe by the end of the month!! Owen (my almost 2-yr old) watched it on my lap. He didn't look away the whole time! Guess he loves Reese as much as I do. He's so handsome!
    I've been "hoping" for rain too!! We had some yesterday, but it was accompanied by thunderstorms! We were actually under a severe warning for most of the day. So, no play yesterday :(

  2. Thank you, Donna!!! I couldn't have done ANY of this last year. I am really proud of Reese. =]

    SO cute about Owen! =]

  3. Hey Girl....you look like you are ready for the challenge of moving up to a longer rope....I'll bet you can get even better responses from his jumping with even a 15 footer. Yea for groundwork!!!

  4. Denise, I watched this video a couple of times during the part where your JRT came running in and Reese "spooked" (ya, right). You did really well to keep calm, keep going, and settle Reese down. You're right, Reese is very playful, isn't he? Just like someone else I know... ;)

  5. Hey Diane! Oh now I see where you commented. =] The one worry I have with the longer rope while jumping is that I don't want the rope to get caught on the jump stand. If you notice I have to lift the rope over it. I would hate for it to get stuck and then hook him...that might make a bad experience for him. But thank you for your suggestion!! =]

    Susan --- here's an interesting tidbit that you will appreciate. Just before this sequence, Reese and I had done all of this before and he got BIG praises and I expected to be done. BUT the video wasn't angled right..so we had to "redo." Now..in Reese's mind he expected to be done and sometimes when we aren't he can to little pretend spooks or act silly just in protest. Now granted, this did give Reese reason to react, but my guess is that part of it was because he really wanted to be done too. I don't often get reactions from him like this unless I push the envelope a bit - I think you have seen other video where Ruby will fly out from nowhere and he doesn't even budge. Thus, my conclusion. LOL


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