Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Windy Day In Hokah, MN

I selected Stormy as my participant in the Ride-A-Curly mini challenge. One of the activities is to expose your horse to items or perform a simple task on a windy day. And it was windy as bad weather was blowing in. We chose a tarp, flags and a plastic bag for our lesson. Stormy performed wonderfully of coarse....he was a little spooked by the plastic bag but did not bolt.

Then we ventured out on the trail for a short ride and encountered some other de-spooking tools....barking dog who saw us coming and raced to the end of it's yard (stopped there-good dog, good Stormy) Appaloosa stallion who also noted us and trotted to the fence to nicker and make his presence known (walk on Stormy-good boy) Oh, look Mrs. Idecker has done wash today and has hung several flapping sheets on her clothesline....can you hear them snap in the wind Storm? (yup! stayed calm-good boy) Moving on, look Storm, our neighbors received a package from the post office and it is swinging in a bag attached to their mailbox. Should we take a closer look (not a flinch-good boy)

After all that, we headed back towards home and loped in the open field. We ended our ride with performing some figure 8's around some cones at a trot and then walking over the tarp (with me mounted) a few times. Storm was perfect!


  1. Shelley, Stormy is handsome and has a great attitude! How old is he and how long have you been riding him?

  2. (posted for Shelley who is having issues with the blog =])Hi Susan, thank you for the compliment. Storm is 5 years old and we have been together since August of 2007. I have been riding Storm since the spring of 2008 when he returned from 2 months of training at a local training facility. I took several riding lessons on Storm while he was boarded at the trainers.

  3. Shelley, you really got after it, didn't you??! STorm sounds wonderful! GREAT job!!! I love all the gals are GREAT!!!!


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