Sunday, May 9, 2010

First things in the may mini contest.

The may mini contest has been a lot of fun to do.I am riding kwis. I've been doing a lot of new thing i would never think of doing. the first thing we stared doing was riding bareback thru puddles.

that was also my first time riding bareback it is a lot different
but a lot of fun. The other thing that i did was back thru a "l". i did this bareback to that was hard to try not to shift my weight so i did not make her turn when i did not want her to and learned to use my legs.

It was tricky to keep her straight on the turn. But i got it done!!

i also lunged her on the end of a line and got her to canter, walk and trot. that was fun getting to do that and have her walk up to you when you are done showing you that she respect you. I aslo halted kwis on me knees that was cool how she will drop her head for and its like she wants to be halterd.

I aslo drog two pips behind use as we walked around it did not seem to affect her at all.

the last thing i did in the end of the day was to tack her for a walk thru a puddle. that was easly she did not care to go thru it.


  1. Fantastic Chadd!! =] You did a GREAT job!! I love Kwis' soft expression as you are haltering her. She looks like she really trusts you in all the pics too. Super!! Keep up the great work and thanks for posting!!

  2. Kwis looks like she is going to fall asleep on your shoulder when you halter her!!! Great job getting her to do all of those things. She is really beautiful and from the looks of your pictures you two have a very special bond!

  3. Chadd, you are doing such a great job with Kwis! Backing up through an L is really hard. Good job to get her walking through the puddles. Sometimes what seems like the simplest thing is hard for the horse. Her face is so sweet and gentle in the halter pictures.

  4. Awesome job Chadd! What a sweet horse you have! I am envious of the backing up through the L - that is hard! You obviously have a special connection with her!

  5. I must say the two of you look fabulous together Chadd! (Nothing like a proud "momma" joining in!:~) I am also thrilled that you had so much fun learning with Kwis. There were many firsts accomplished by both of you that weekend. Keep up the great with her.


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