Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wind and Rain

Well, we didn’t INTEND on riding in the wind and rain, but a storm blew up while we were tacking up.
Didder got that wild look in his eyes before we even headed out, and I couldn’t help being a bit nervous, especially after seeing him charge all around the yard earlier when I let them out for fresh grass. I relaxed, breathed and smiled. AhD did too.

We headed down the road. AhD behaved perfectly.
We took Jason’s Loop and did some stream walking. AhD played in the water and was alert, but he was not On Full Alert – a big difference. He was responsive and willing, and I gave him lots of praise and neck rubs. It helped ease my nervousness. I was expecting HIM to be spooky with the crazy wind, so my imagination started running away with me, but I successfully quelled that nasty ol’ fear. Whew! We crossed the powerline and headed into a mucky point. Ian’s pony decided he would rather take Ian through the saplings instead of walk through the deep muck. It didn’t set well with Ian, and he became sullen and bad tempered over the issue. Teenagers! It started to rain, and we headed for home, but, hey, I get some extra points! I just ignored my spawn and concentrated on my spunky Didder. Look what greeted us as we arrived home! Oh, I haltered AhD on my knees after the ride, and it was noooo problem! I let him graze on some sweet lawn clover as a reward. Maybe next ride I will try bridling him on my knees. I love my handsome Curly!


  1. Wow, what a great ride, Susan!!! Wind, rain and rainbow?? How amazing!! Now normally would you have ever made the effort to ride on a day like that? Isn't it neat to see what you CAN do and how good your horse is no matter the weather?? I am glad you took a buddy and you were SAFE. =] GREAt job on the haltering too!! Yay!!!!!

  2. Maybe it was new pony adjustment? Once you become a team with one pony/horse, it seems everyone has to adjust when you change partners. Great getting out there! We had wind here the other day, but we also had hail, and lightning........I think we'll save our first ride for calmer weather. LOVE the rainbow(s)!!
    Dian and Buck (and Royal)

  3. Great photo's Susan -- is this from your limping camera ? Awesome rainbows.. we had wind and rain too - but no color arcs --

  4. Denise, I would have taken AhD out anyway as long as I had company...but if I didn't, I would have chosen the Haffie because he couldn't care less about wind. AhD is getting there, though! Dian, I think AhD's new companion is good for him because he is less responsive to herd dynamics and not dependent on AhD to be the leader. He is also not dependent on my boy to be the leader also, ha ha! Betsy, heck no, this is Nicole's camera. It's awesome, and I'm saving my pennies. :)

  5. I LOVE your posts Susan!! They always end on a good note!! This time with a double rainbow! Amazing!!! See....haltering is no problem! And bridling is easy too! Great job!!


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