Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Super FUN!!!

I was so excited to get home last night and work on some of the challenges! It was a beautiful evening and Billy's mood was just as beautiful! It is an amazing learning tool to video tape yourself working with your horse. Besides noticing that I need to do some situps (hahahahaha), I also notice times when my cues are not clear, when I am holding the rope to tight, when his ears are pinned! Big stinker!

The first set of challenges we completed were picking up feet from one side and bridle and halter from ground. We did not practice any of it. I just went on a whim when I saw that he was in a very good mood. :-) The picking up of the feet was interesting. He did not quite know what I was asking of him. I imagine horses get used to the feeling of our body on the side we are asking for. For the haltering and bridling, I did use my lead rope to maintain control of the unruly beast and to help with the cue to lower his head. I hope that is okay Denise??..

When we got done with those challenges, Iwas having so much fun that I decided to do some more. In this video, we are doing the Squeeze Game (notice Billy's belly scraping both sides of the door!), pull a log, barrels, and finally bikes. As you can see, I felt the need to show off when it came to the bike challenge! And I had the audience (my JRT and Golden) in a trance!

This challenge is just such fun! My whole family got involved last night and it was a great hour that we spent together. I look at Billy and how well he handled all these things and I wonder "Why do I have so much fear???" But, I realize that it is my riding and the energy I convey to him while I am riding that probably has an effect on his attitude. Somethingfor me to definitely work on!


  1. OMG!!!! Laura! This was awesome!!!! Look at that handsome boy, Billy!! AND your boys were so great helping you with one of the challenges. I can't stand it - so cool seeing the whole family involved and your dogs to boot! KUDOS!!!! Challenge points awarded, girlfriend!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Thanks Denise! Rylee just texted me and asked "what are we going to do tonight with Billy?". Hahaha!

  3. Laura, I just watched your videos! It helps so much to see someone pick up the hooves from one side. Now I have a better idea of how to do it. We need practice from each side first, but seeing definitely helps! Billy is amazing!! He looks so much like beloved Mickey (quarter horse I had growing up, but he had the big bushy mane and tail too) Awesomeness!!

  4. I can't believe how good Billy was during all of this! And you didn't practice beforehand??? Ok, you are going to make all the rest of us feel are setting the bar too high. Someone is going to have to do a "before" and "after" video for the rest of us poor owners who may have a more...shall we say.."independent minded" Curly and need to work on this stuff. You should watch these videos three times before your next ride so you can see just how responsive your Billy is - bet it will help your confidence!

  5. Hi Donna! I am glad I helped you with the video. I did the picking up of feet years ago with QH. It was a Parelli thing many years back. I could feel Billy questioning me "what are you doing??" But, Curlies are so smart they can figure anything out! And thanks so much for the Billy compliments. I think he is just spectaculor! When I bough him from Denise, I really did not even consider his color - I just loved his temperment and calmness. I got him home and thought "Wow, he is beautiful!!" hahahahaha! Can't wait to see you post some videos or pics!

  6. Hey Susan! You crack me up! ME set the bar too high??? That's funny. Just wait until I sit my bum in the saddle. That bar is going to come crashing down! I just caught Billy on a good night. My hope is that I will gain more confidence for riding. I do watch the videos now and say "Why am I afraid??" So, the videos my save me! Can't wait to see you and AhD! You will be doing all the fancy riding stuff!


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