Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My first BLOG

This is my first time blogging. My curly I'm using for the May contest is Teke. We went to the levering horse club on sunday and we did four events they were pole bending , clover leaf , down and back and indiana flag race. It was my first time ever being there. I went with my cousin. Teke was really good she was really nervous when she got out of the trailer once she got settled in she was fine. This was my first time taking her anywhere. I just got her in November. At the speed show there was another curly there. The ladys name was Sheri it looked like her horse had some Paint in it. I talked to her for a while she was really interested in breeding she asked what her registered name was and I told her it was "Coco Beauty Teke Lee", she wanted to look her up. She knew Zarina, my first curly. Sheri told me all about her horse and that it had been through alot . I asked her if she was in the ride a curly compitition and she was. What was the chance of meeting someone in this contest?? Pretty neat. We'll talk to you later.

Ashley Ostman


  1. Ashley, I'm glad you posted! Did you have fun at the show? Are you going to be taking Teke to any 4H shows this year? We are a 4H family too, but lately we only trail ride our horses and don't show.

  2. Great job Ashley!! Very adventerous for your first time out with Teke. He sounds like an amazing horse! My Billy is one of Zarina's babies! We live in East Jordan - not too far from you! Keep up the great work! Would love to see some pics of Teke. Laura

  3. I tried to post twice this morning, and it kept giving me an error! Ok, so here I go AGAIN. Congrats Ashley & Teke!!! I am with laura..I want to see pictures!!! =] You are so brave taking her out and doing so well with her....good job!!


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