Saturday, May 1, 2010

What we have been up to.........

Royal, learning to tie, Feb 2010

Buck, ground driving March 2010.

We have really awesome news here in Indiana, DSL is up and running!! So now I can post more freely about what the ponies have been up to. My focus has been Royal (aka *Zephyr Blue) whom arrived in February. He is a July 2009 colt so hours and hours have been spent on groundwork and I still don't think I've gotten everything down on our groundwork log. He is coming around from a skittish freakazoid to a calmer more princely boy. He ties, he leads, he lunges, he lifts feet and *gasp* he even lets them be trimmed. But I also have three 2yr old geldings to continue groundwork(how in the heck did that happened?) Whom (shameless plug) are also for sale to good homes. They each have such interesting personalities.

I also have managed to get some quality time with Buck, my 4 yr old gelding. Still working on getting that great fit with harness, bit, and cart. But he mostly goes along with the flow so we'll get it right eventually.

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  1. Yay Dian!!! So glad to hear you will be able to join us more with your new high speed!!! Royal is darling!!


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