Saturday, May 1, 2010

Curly *AhD 'n Me, First Challenge Post

We started out the mini contest on a good note by taking a good, hard two hour trail ride up to Sanitorium Hill. At first, AhD was all antsy, so I took a few turns in and around the birch stand to get his mind on business. Once out and about, we collected some points by crossing several streams. The muddy spots were more challenging than the streams. My clever pony has learned to feign being stuck in the mud so he can snatch a few mouthfuls of whatever grass, leaves or twigs he can reach when I lengthen the reins to enable him to catch his balance. His smarts just amaze me sometimes. Like this morning, when I was tacking up and picking his feet. He would let me have only just so long on the white fore, and would proceed to lay down if I held on to it longer. We did this dance three times. The third time I stood up, waggled my finger in his face and said extremely sternly, "I KNOW YOU CAN STAND ON THREE LEGS; I HAVE SEEN YOU DO IT!!!" He actually had the nerve to do it again. Ya know…it just cracked me up, because he looked so ridiculous as he would bend his legs and scootch…so I actually laughed and hugged his neck and didn't get mad. Guess what? Miraculously, he let me clean the hoof.
Back to the power line ride, up and down the steep hills, all the way to the other side of town. Took this beautiful steep trail to the balance of the way to Sanitorium Hill. The view was incredible, and these pictures don’t do it justice. I have my camera duck taped and electrical taped together, so it was a miracle I got any pictures at all. We stopped and chatted with a friend along the way, and then trotted and cantered home along the road and discovered a new small trail that cut off maybe ¼ mile of pavement riding. We went quite fast on that stretch, with me ducking branches. I said to my pony, "Take it easy, we don’t know this trail!" but he was very bold and forward, and I was enjoying it immensely.
At one point we were back cantering along the side of the road, and AhD spied something in the woods that unnerved him. Lickity split, we were on the yellow line…good thing a car wasn’t coming up behind us. I stopped cantering on the road at that point. Too dangerous.
Back home, AhD received his first bath of the season. The water ran white with the sweat coming off his neck and back. I think he enjoyed it! He turned right around and let me get his other side with the hose. Pretty sure I could use a bath, too - don't want you all to see just how sweaty and hot I was, so I had Ian pose with my wet and handsome Curly.
I was very happy with this ride. We are more of a team since our join up at the clinic. I feel less fearful, and AhD respects my leadership. Love the journey Curly and me are on!

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  1. Awesome. :)
    I admire how much you guys get out there doing stuff. I sure wish I had some trails around me.


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