Saturday, January 19, 2013

Announcing "Ride-with-Me" Cyber Ride Today!

Hello RAC team (and any public visitors that want to join us!!),

I hate to interrupt the great introductions (please keep them coming!) but wanted to start this year off with a "Ride-with-Me" cyber ride! What is that, you say? Well, let me explain!

Since many of us can not physically get together to ride together, the idea of a cyber ride was born!

Here is how it works. We choose a time frame and we all plan to ride our curlies within that block of time. Typically, we would plan a specific time so that we are literally ON our curlies all at the same time, but considering we have riders overseas, that might not be feasible. At the end of the day, we all post here about our ride and adventures! Cool eh? What is even more fun is if you pick a few people and call or text them when you are ready to ride, during your ride and after your ride, you feel you are literally riding with them, just in another location. =]

SO, let's all plan to ride at some point today. If you can't, that's ok. We will do this again. =]
For those in the non-competitive group, if you want to do ground work or just spend time with your curlies that is just fine. But for those in the competitive group, I'd like to see posts that earn you points for the contest which means mounted or driving in a cart. But if you can't due to bad weather or your horse isn't warmed up for riding this year, just go and enjoy them and share with us!! The MOST important thing here is SAFETY. I don't want anyone pushing beyond their comfort zone.

Any questions, just let me know. Go, have fun and enjoy this beautiful day with your curly!!

~Denise Conroy & Reese =]


  1. I'm in!! And I would like to challenge the Non-Competitive group to outnumber the Competitive group!! Just for fun : )
    Woohoo - let's do it!

  2. Awesome Janeen!! I'll be heading out about 1 or 2. Donna, I LIKE the way you think!! GREAT idea!!

  3. The trails here where too slick and muddy, but we rode in the arena ;-)

  4. And what fun it was! It was great riding with you all today.

  5. Unfortunately the ground is not safe to ride at my place so I'm waiting for better weather. Love reading about all the rides!

  6. I would have been "IN" (for once) if I'd know. I hadn't even had time to sign into the blog until today!! Now I'm in. Yesterday was pretty nice here, and instead of riding I did catch-up around the barn chores! Darn!! Dream and Bella (my CHR foster mare)are both VERY helpful when I'm trying to do stuff! NOT. They want attention, so plant themselves right in the way of the wheelbarrow, for example!! If I'd known there was a cyber ride, I'd have done THAT instead of stupid chores!!


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