Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bigfoot Sighting in Eastern Ontario!!

What a frigid week of weather we have had here!! Riding before today was out of the question. Not only would I have frozen (even more than I already was!) it would have been too dangerous to risk letting Linus get too warm and then possibly chilled. 
Today warmed up enough for a light ride and we added some adventure to it too by seeking out Bigfoot!! Harold has been after me since he found out I live in Canada to try to get a sighting and pictures. Today was that day Harold and I must say we had some success....I think!!!

My beautiful boy was ready and very willing to get out today. I started just in the paddock  but he was a bit miffed with me for even considering that!! He wanted OUT!! He and our herd bull, "MAC" have worked things out and are happily sharing space right now. They kept breaking the fence between their pastures so we just left them be as long as it was safely working. Linus and Mac had to work out their dominance issue and it seems they have done just that! Phew!! Makes things much easier and it gives Allie, our Arab mare, some company when I have Linus out. 
So anyway, I dismounted and led Linus through the gate and clambered not so gracefully back onto my big boy. What a reach getting up there!! I love doing the gate from his back because I like the challenge it gives but the packed snow has made it way too much of a reach so it wasn't possible. I do have to give credit to my awesome man, the driveway was a bit slippery in places. There was some ice that was covered in dirt; not enough to risk a slip (or we wouldn't be there!) but he shortened his stride, I gave him his head and he was so careful! He looked at me as if to say he didn't like having us here but, bless his big heart, he did his darndest to make sure he kept us safe. This is the first time I have ever had him on footing like this while in the saddle and he impressed me very much! My husband was there too for picture taking and he also commented on how careful Linus was. 

Here we are searching for some signs of Bigfoot! As you can see, Linus is somewhat relaxed about this adventure - maybe he and Bigfoot have already met???
We have our lasso in hand on the saddle ready to rope him in should we get close enough! My husband suggested bringing along the .22, but I believe that Bigfoot is the friendly sort.  I think he secretly looks out for our farm and keeps an eye out to make sure the coyotes stay away from our calves!

Here we take a rest from our perusing for a chuckle and change of direction. No Bigfoot to the East, so maybe we will try the West. 

"Oh Bigfoooot!!! Come out, come out, wherever you are!!"

Linus came around that brush up above and his head went up and his ears forward. His step quickened and he let out a snort. My big red steed had spotted something. Or smelled it, at this point I wasn't too sure because I couldn't spot whatever it was that he had! I kept him steady and let him follow his instincts. 

Look closely in the picture below, see the dark hair through the trees?? I always thought Bigfoot was dark brown, but maybe his coat turns darker in the winter to help him blend in on the dark nights in the bush?? 

We inched closer as quietly as we could to see if we could get a closer glimpse - Bigfoot is known to be exceptionally camera shy!! 

In true Bigfoot fashion, he ducked away just as my camera was ready to go so this was as close as I could get before he just...disappeared!! Who would have thought that Bigfoot (if it really was him!) has such curly hair too!! And keep in mind that while I do own a Curly, he is smooth coated and sorrel at that! Not black!! Therefore this could not be an imposter! Make what you will from the photo, but to us it appears that this is possibly the top of his head and shoulder?? Maybe as he was turning to duck away??

Sadly, there were no prints of Bigfoot left in the snow. The thaw then freeze that we had has left the snow very packed and hard so nothing is leaving tracks. Maybe next weekend when it is supposed to be more mild out we can trek out and look for more signs!
My trusty young "stud" (he's a gelding, but he likes the nickname) is ready and willing for more and he loves being on a mission!!

Thanks for coming along on our wild, wonderful and slightly dangerous journey!!
Donna, Linus and Bigfoot!
Lunenburg, Ontario


  1. I wondered where Bigfoot had been hiding! I see you've got a rope ready to lasso him in too! Glad you had a good ride and you got out!

  2. What a Brave Boy Linus is ....and I have NO doubt with you and Linus on the trail that Big Foot of Ontario is as good as caught <3 !!

  3. Well my friend you have made my day!!!!! I shall try harder now to find bigfoot in Minnesota, to see if he has curly hair,,, It sure looks like you had a great ride, I know I sure enjoyed it Donna,, From my heart I thank you for the enjoyable ride, Have a great day on a great horse,,,

  4. Donna, I laughed so hard when I saw that dark curly hair behind the pine tree! You clever girl, you! You have seen a sight many of us have only dreamed of seeing, and your photo is clearer and cleaner than any other I have seen of Bigfoot! (Well, unless it is Krista's). Pretty sure you and your stud chased him up to Maine, by the way.

  5. What total crap..............(oh brother)

  6. That's a Black colored long haired Bovine................Try again.


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