Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Mom, Can We Go, Too?

Some of you may remember from my intro (Susan and Ah-D from Maine) that I'm not just a horse person, but a dog person as well.  My answer to The Girls (my Labs) was, yes, you can join us again today!

My son Ian wanted to go to his friend's house, so being the loving mom that I am, I said sure, as long as you take a portrait of me and my horse first. :)  Anyway, he went with me yesterday and had fun.  Today Kate was headed down and would soon be tacking up the Haflinger Allie.  Please note my new saddle, a treeless Sensation hybrid.  What do you think?  I haven't made up my mind yet.  I have only ridden in it a handful of times, but on this ride, I really liked it, so I think I am getting used to it.

It was beautiful out on the trail, absolutely beautiful.  There was lots of deer sign, and then I looked down to see something different, owl pellets!
How cool is that?

Most of the time when we are out on the trail with Allie, I lead with Ah-D.  If I don't, he gets insulted because he thinks HE should be first since he is the boss in the pasture.

But he likes Kate.  What's not to like?  And she didn't even have a treat!  Note I am using a rigged up hackamore on Ah-D.  He had a wolf tooth pulled a week ago Monday, so I used the hackamore on him on Saturday and Sunday.  He was confused but willing on Saturday, but by Sunday, it was old hat.

Willow is my "freshest" Lab.  She has a personality most like her grandmother - and Ah-D.  :)  Here, she is up ahead with something.  That something turned out to be a big frozen horse turd.  She ran around and around with it the whole rest of the ride, and she and the other young one Cameo played keep away with it.  She actually brought it back to the barn, and it was sitting there in the aisle last night, so I carried it up and threw it in the dog pen for them all to play with.  One of my ol' time Lab breeder friends told me horse poop has a lot of vitamin A in it.  My dogs are not vitamin A deficient.

Here I am telling my beautiful Curly how much I love him.  Please note the extra fancy reinage that I worked long and hard to create so I could ride trails on my beloved Curly pony.  Tie a knot in four pieces of baling twine and we were good to go.  I didn't feel like farting around with Chicago screws.

Here is my handsome Ah-D telling me that he loves me back.  Our horses do love us, in their own way.  Mine is very affectionate.  He craves my attention, and he can be jealous when I give it to other horses.  He was awesome on this ride.  I barely used those fancy reins because Ah-D was listening to my seat and leg cues.  Love it when he does that!


  1. Well we had 20 below last night and it never got above zero today,, Curly boy and the rest welcomed their grain today... I like you pictures but got excited over the poop,, I thought it was bigfoot,,, dagnabit... oh yeah nice saddle for a girl...

  2. Glad you were able to get out! We're having pretty extreme cold here so it will be a few days before we can ride!
    I for one (ahem, Harold!) AM interested in your saddle! I remember this being on your wish list! What do you and Didder think of it?

  3. Harold, you know, I am young at heart and have you noticed that it's the youngest people who really like to talk about poop? Your weather is toooo cold for me. Just did chores in 0 and that's about as cold as I want to feel. Donna, yes, I wanted a treeless saddle for at least three years. It did take some getting used to, making sure everything was just right, getting my stirrups the right length...and it is slippery, which hmmmm...ok, I need all the help I can get to keep my butt in the saddle! But I solved the slippery problem by laying my sheepskin wool tush cush on the seat. The best thing? I KNOW it fits, and I can switch it from Didder to Allie and back again with no fit worries.

  4. Susan, love your pictures! I would never think baling twine was strong enough, so you're a brave girl! :) I got a treeless saddle a year ago and it's the best thing I did! I love mine! It goes from horse to horse and I'm comfy. Mine has a rough out seat, though, and that has saved me a couple of times from landing on the ground! We too had a high of negative something or the other. It was -16F when I woke up this morning and supposed to be just as cold tonight, but a high in the teens tomorrow, so maybe I'll get out then in the heat wave!

  5. That is so funny about Willow and the horse manure! And leave it to you to use binder twine for reins. I bet it is pretty strong but with my gloves I'd be afraid it would slip out of my hands. =] You two look amazing together as always. And ps. it's about time you posted!! LOL

  6. Denise, nag, nag, nag... ;) Baling twine is the duct tape of the horse world. Denise, thanks for helping me post. Boy, there is a lot of activity this year on the blog. I LOVE IT! I read ALL the posts, even if I don't comment. And, Harold, you know...that just MAY be Bigfoot poop! Take a good look, I did get a good closeup from the saddle. I mean, does anyone REALLY know what Bigfoot sign looks like? Janeen, oh, how I wish my Sensation seat was roughout!!!!! Didder is quick. But, I do have a grab strap, so when he starts to stiffen up and get looky, I just grab ahold of it. Makes me feel better and allows me to breathe and relax through it and stay a good leader.

  7. Nag? I don't believe I was nagging my dear Susan. I think I was addressing my own ability to not be able to keep the string in my grasp. I agree binder twine serves tons of great uses...I've used it as a belt a few times!

  8. My dear Denise, I was referring to you p.s. - "it's about time you posted!!!" Now it is my turn to nag, Look, I know YOU've been out there! I have seen your gorgeous pictures on facebook! So, where's your story? I want to ride through upper Michigan on a big, rugged chocolate Curly vicariously through you!
    p.s. I love you.

  9. HAHAHA!! Oh my how we (meaning "I") can read something wrong! Sorry sweet Susan! And yes, you are right...I am guilty of not posting. I was waiting for you! LOL p.s. I love you too!

  10. Hi Susan :-)
    I love all your dogs! You remind me of ME! You are the Labrador version of me and my Portuguese Water Dogs. Isn't unbelievable to be out and about with ALL your friends! Going out with your horse AND your dogs! Love it :-) When my girlfriend and I go out riding it's usually 2 Irish Setters and a BUNCH of Water dogs! hhahaha fun!


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