Thursday, January 17, 2013

Glad to be a part of the RAC for 2013!

Hello all!

My name is Andrea and I live in western Wisconsin only a short distance away from the MN/WI border. I did not know about the RAC program until I happened to see a posting on a horse forum I frequent. I went to the link posted and read about what it was all about. I really liked how the RAC was open to all curlies - no matter what registry status or affiliation. I also like that it's a "team" effort. I feel a united front is a must when promoting a breed. So basically, I am a newbie to the RAC - but very excited to be a part of it! 

I like history, and the history of the Curly as well as other various rare - and not so rare breeds has long intrigued me. I love researching how breeds tie together also. That being said I will introduce my Curly. 

This is Accelerate - he is a pretty unique horse. You see he is a purebred Colonial Spanish (AKA Spanish Mustang) that is also a curly. Curly coated horses pop up in the CS breed from time to time. The CS breed, like the Curly is also rare. "Ace" as we call him will be five this spring. We acquired him last May from his breeder - Karma Farms in Marshall, Texas to be our herd-sire. My goals for him for this spring/summer are to get him working under saddle, hit the trails, and hopefully do an LD endurance ride in the fall. Admittedly - it's cold where I live and we probably won't do much with him until spring but hopefully after that I will have lots to post! 

I also need to work on getting better/more pictures of Ace - he really gets quite curly coated in winter! I also realized I don't have a single photo of him and I. Mostly because around my house I am the one behind the camera 99% of the time. I have a feeling a "photo shoot" day is in order soon. Here is a picture of Ace with my 8 year old daughter - Alexis. 

Good luck to everyone participating - here is hoping this is the best year for the RAC yet!


  1. So happy you found the RAC!! It sounds like you're really going to love it! It's called a competition, but you'll never know it because as you say it's just one big group having fun and promoting the Curly around the globe!!
    Ace is beautiful and looks like a very gentle man! All the best to you for 2013!

  2. Yay, another all-around trail rider with a gorgeous Curly! Donna is right; it's really not a competition, more like a club where members support each other. Interested in hearing about your LD training.