Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bigfoot in europe?

I'm glad we live in europe and i haven't seen Bigfoot on our ride yesterday. Maybe he's dangrous and we would have to run as fast as possible if we see him?
It was a bareback ride and i just had a rope halter on Blössy, but she's the best and if we had seen him and he would  really be dangerous, we would get out of this situation safe! ..i hope. ;)


  1. Well no matter what neck of the woods you are from, keep a sharp eye out for big foot, rumor has it he likes curly horses on account they are hypoallergenic,,,,,HEHEHEHE have a great great day and how about a few pictures of your countryside for this old man to see???? Thanks

  2. I agree with Harold, and I am very impressed with you riding your Curly with a halter and ropes!

  3. thank you both, i'm going to post more pictures soon :)


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