Tuesday, January 22, 2013


After years of discussing it, and myself training for several months a few years ago on a 20 year old master horse, Clooney has taken the journey to a classical dressage trainer. I really like the trainer, and we have been friends over the years having got to know each other at the various Horse Fairs we attended. Sebastian is somewhat young, but continually works on his own education with top trainers around the world, and has years of intense experience in the dressage world. Yesterday, Clooney-man, or Mr. Mozart, as they call him due to his Mozart like white locks, got his first day in the roundpen with Sebastian. He was rather excited in a new place, and of course the trainer lunges differently than natural horsemanship methods which I practice, so I was in there helping explain the methods I use so that communication would go more smoothly. In the end, I was up on board for 15 mins in a relaxed walk to just cool him down. I couldn't get any images of him yet, but here are a couple of him with the farrier a few weeks ago. Sadly, I had to roach his mane because it was getting so frizzy so he doesn't look so Mozarty now.
For those who do not know Clooney, he was bred by Wendy Parker, is a Warrior Big Sioux and Glory of Philea West son, and is an inspected and approved, 10 year old, breeding stallion. He placed 6th out of 36 stallions at his inspection going up against 19 different breeds. He was trained in natural horsemanship methods, myself with Walter Lukas, who was Austrian Champion in Trail and Pleasure. He is registered ABC, ICHO, and VPPÖ


  1. I like the classical dressage training too. It helps specially my gelding Warrior Freedom getting more comfortable using his body in a "light" way. He is a very sticky, dull horse, but you can see him change when he feels how easy he can move if he is in the right position.
    I am anxious to see a full shot of your Cloony.

    The first pic is very cute you have the same expresion ...and hair LOL

  2. What a refined and beautiful face! I am a lowly trail rider and have never dabbled in Classical Dressage. I bet Mr. Mozart will be a star.

  3. What a beautiful boy! And so white! Where I live I said I will never own a light colored horse unless we move because they would never be that white! There are so many disciplines with horses and I don't quite understand dressage, so I'll be interested in reading your posts! It does intrigue me!