Monday, January 21, 2013

The good the bad and the ugly

Well,  one thing I particularly love about horses is each day is a new one. I knew I should limit my driving in the field yesterday....I knew Legacy would be a bit sore and cranky...boy, that was an understatement !!! So,  today was the "ugly"  out of the good, the bad and the happens!
Hitching went smoothly...but the driving was a bit like driving with a student in drivers education.....gas, brake, gas, brake, no gas....LOL....the ground conditions were totally opposite from our splendid drive on Saturday. The ground was frozen and unforgiving, I probably could have run a sleigh with better results than my carriage. We drove for a very short amount of time, not my plan,  but that is typical of horses. You have to be willing to go with a new plan, if the old ones does not work out. Legacy gets a few days off to rest and get over being sore, and then we will start up again.


  1. That is so true, Linda. In my short time being back in horses, I have given the advice to even more novice owners than me, that you have to be ready for anything and if it doesn't go your way you have to be ready to follow through.

  2. ain't that the truth! Horses are living, breathing animals with minds of their own, and hey, who feels like running around when you feel like crap? good for you, Linda! Hope Legacy feels better!

  3. Thanks gals! I encountered this problem once before, and after giving Legacy a little "time off" she went right back to work as though her "bad day" never happened......have to say though, I can not WAIT to return to driving. Legacy and I are in this for the long haul, and waiting a few days will not harm us at all.


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