Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Great Fun!

Hello everyone,
My name is Cyndi Morin and I have just entered into this Curly world!  I'm excited to be here.  After having a 'hot' Arab for years previous, I was very exctied to hear about this fantastic breed.  So level headed!  I bought my curly 'Sunny' from people who had kept him for 4 years but had put no training on him.  When I met him, he had good looks ;-), was social and curious but very respectful.  He was not saddle broke and had only one experience with people on him (no sadde) and apparently it was 'quick' however,  I could tell, that his temperament was good.  Little did I know HOW good!  I dove into curly information and tracked down his breeder and pedigree.  After reading about the breed I knew I was bringing home.  Once home, I started his training ' Parelli style' and within 10 short days (and I'm NO professional!) I was mounting him, in saddle, with no one holding him.  I learned that his breeder, Karalee Bell aka Whirlwind Curlies had put an amazing start on him as a colt.  I could tell!  I was amazed how fast he learned and how willing he was.  She has continued to be a tremendous support and advisor!   I have had him just 3 short months but we are doing all sorts of tricks, trail riding, road riding, he takes my kids for double rides and we go walk, trot, canter and the occasion, albiet very fun gallop, all on a rope halter with reins.  No bit.  With two small children, I don't get to ride him as often as I like but I do spend a lot of time with him so this year, I would like to (hopefully) put more mileage on (in the saddle or bareback ;-), teach him to lie down (already underway!), train his gaits to be more slow and steady and possibly get a nice western 'spin' going.  No plans on showing him (other than to the 25, 000 acres of forest we live in ;-) but it's fun just to do new things and develop a stronger relationship.  I would like to start him driving too.  We have a nice red sleigh that would be nice for him to pull next winter!  For now though, he's learning to actually take me riding through deep snow. 



  1. YAAHH Cyndi, welcome to the warm and fuzzy curly family =) So happy to meet you and your guy Sunny. He sounds absolutely wonderful. So excited we get to follow along on your partnership journey!

  2. Welcome Cyndi! So nice to hear what amazing success you have had with Sunny! I live a country "around the corner" from Karalee and she does a fantastic job with her training! All the best to you with Sunny

    1. Hi Donna!
      I have a good friend that has your same name!
      Yes, although I didn't know it when I met Sunny at first, I could tell he had respect for people and wanted to please. After I started working with him, I could see that he 'knew' things... Karalee has been amazing and so helpful. It wasn't a surprise when she told me all the things she had done with him.
      I'm not far from Karalee. I haven't met her yet though, but can't wait to! Where are you?

  3. 25,000 acres of forest???!!!!! Holy Smokes! I would get lost. I also had Arabs and half-Arabs in the past. Sounds like you have a pretty great All-Around Curly there. Looking forward to seeing him pull that red sleigh.

  4. p.s. are those Portugese Water Dogs?

  5. Welcome Cyndi! Wow, Sunny sounds really like a talented horse! I am curious about your adventures this year with him! Curlies are often VERY curious and therefore great learners! Best Caren

  6. Great to meet you and Sunny here at the RAC!