Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Fun and Exciting Year

Hello to all the fellow Curly Lovers out there.  So excited for another year of meeting new people and sharing in our ups and downs through the year.  I enjoy reading others experiences with their horses and learning new things from others along the way as well.  My name is Dana Leibfried, I'm from the frozen tundra, right now, of Minnesota.  The rest of the year is much better!  Any how, our family owns 2 curly geldings, Larry (who we use to ride double with our youngest son) and Marley, my main guy.  Our family does alot of camping and trail riding during the spring, summer, and fall.  Marley and I also am members of a mounted patrol unit so we do many hours of training and we also do competition.  This year my goal is to get better at horsemanship, keeping my legs more steady, and getting Marley more consistent at his gaits.  With Larry my goal is to get him so I can put the rear cinch back on my saddle =)  My husband hurt his hand last year so we didn't get much trail time in so he got a bit pudgy.  We have a few new places we have found we would like to explore this year with the kids and horses so more miles in the saddle, I can't wait!!  Well let the fun begin, I just cant wait to meet all of you =)


  1. Just who is pudgy, Larry or your husband? (or maybe both) You go on the most scenic camping trips; I'm so glad you are blogging this year!

    1. Ha ha you are to cute, they both need to loose few =) SHHH don't say nothing, but I'm trying to save up enough vacation time and money to take a trip out to Richmond, VA at the end of Sept. Really hoping to compete at the North American Police Equestrian Championships. here is the website: http://www.napecinc.org/ Making a stop at Gettysburg for a day or 2 and let the kids get a history lesson plus ride their horse on the trails there. Nope not excited or anything, Taking a week off just to trail ride on the wayout and on the way back. This is a goal I have had since I found out about this competition, and really hoping this might be the year we get to go and compete together as a team!

  2. Riding at Gettysburg?!!!! Competing in the Police Equestrian Champsionships?!!!!! AWESOME! I wonder if I could sneak Didder down to VA in Sept....

  3. Wow that sounds very awesome Dana - so excited to hear about your great rides and drills again!

  4. I am sure I will envy you because of the great landscape (and of course Curly Horse) pictures you will post! The picture you posted looks already great!

  5. I am looking forward to your blog entries. I always love your pictures and love Marley!


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