Sunday, January 20, 2013

RAC: Curlies from Switzerland, check! :)

Hello everyone!

We are Bea and Chantale from Switzerland and we just joined in for the first time to a RAC. We've got three Horses, two of them are Curlies, originally from Canada and the USA. 

This is Babe, our 21 years old Curly Mare. We bought  her in 2006 and it took a long time to make her confide us but know she really trusts us. She's absolutely one of a kind and we all love her! A great family horse with such a beautiful personality. 
But sadly she has a pulled muscle in her knee and that takes its time. But we're looking forward!

And this is Blössy, Chantale's big love since 2006. It was totally love at first sight and they have learned so much together because Blössy was just 3 years old when she arrived in europe, and Chantale was 11. Blössy is very well trained and she just won the "World's Favorite Curly Horse Contest" in the Show Divison! We're so happy about this!

Although she's not a Curly Horse, she's a part of our family. Juanita is a 4 years old Quarter Horse mare and she's Chantale's own horse. Juanita is good minded and she loves to learn new things. This year Chantale planned to go on horse shows with Blössy and Juanita.

We're glad about the RAC and we want to say thank you to Denise who made this possible!

Greetings from the snowy Switzerland!


  1. Wow, Finland and Switzerland! How exciting that you guys abroad are all part of our Curly World!! The world suddenly seems much smaller and friendlier!

  2. Thank you! It's great that we can compete too, although we're far away from most of you.


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