Thursday, January 24, 2013

I am already a failing foster mom...will I fail again?

The first time I read about somebody I know being called a failing foster..I was like, who SHE? She is best caretaker I know. Turned out they mean. If you are a foster home and get so attached to the animal you adopt it yourself. OK guilty! I adopted Sam and Cinderella, the two form the Kansas 5 horses. Jim ( T-bar) and George ( two-two) are still here in foster. Today I picket up George again I had big plans for him today. I did not worked with him enough mostly due to the fact we have so many horses I need to train and ride + all the work it is sometimes hard to keep up. Also the first couple of times he gave a little hard time and I needed to kick my own but to get it over with and start over. But today it was George day. Turns out all my preparation work with him paid off today. What a change what a different horse.....what a great horse ( here begins the failing to start ;-) ) Grooming first and being tied for the first time. I LOVE my rope system. It is so much easier for the horses without getting all upset and worried. The have a chance to figure it out. Mostly they will within a minute without me.
First I started at base one..just getting the rope over his body and let him go left and right, away from pressure. Move his feet where I wanted him to go. Back up and side passes. He did great! Then the flag came in. Little scary in the beginning but he settled down very fast. Saddle blanket..hmm smells like dogs they must have used it as a sleeping bag. Showing the saddle..let him know that a dead cow was about to be thrown on his back. No problems at all. I introduced him to it all and he was fine with it. I actually had the feeling he was enjoying it all. Like, finally I am getting a job! In the mean time Little Faith came to see what was going on...yeah take a good look Missy in 3 years it is your turn ;-)
So here we are, saddled up and done. Walked, trot, lope, with no problems no bucking no nothing like he has been there done that. Very tempting to get on. I usually stop when the saddle is being accepted and start over the next day. But George gave me the sign he was not done yet for today. However I was all alone. Jaro (my husband) is almost two hours away from here and phone service is bad. What if he get's spooked, or is not as comfortable as I think he is. I couldn't get a grip on myself and after flapping the stirrups. Slapping on the saddle jumping around him and do the chicken dance, he looked at me. Are you done now? are you get on or what? So I did and he just stood there. Unflappable just stood there. He was a little worried, but he just stood there. I got on and of about 3 or 4 times and decided it was enough for both of us. I was tired and did not wanted to push it further by making him walk. I am so proud of him, Love him...Oh,Oh, here we go ;-)
LOVE the flag LOL
What's this???


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