Thursday, January 17, 2013

Introduction true Curly Horse Rescue

Hello fellow RAC-ers. Some of you know me and some don't. We own a ranch and run a B&B in South Central Kentucky. I am a board member and foster parent for Curly Horse Rescue. We started with "Red" who has a great home now. Then the "Kansas 5" came along. I was suppose to take Woody in for Peter and Caren Schumann and have him halter trained for his trip to Germany. Cinderella was joining to keep him comfort during the trip from Kansas to KY and first the plan was she would go to another foster. Then I saw Sam his sad sad face and I could not resist so we came home with three "unhandled" horses. But after a couple of months the other two, T-bar ( Jim) and Two-Two ( George) where in urgent need for a new foster since there was no hay at the foster where they where at. Again we took the trip to KS and came home with Jim and George. I started with Woody ( the one who flights I call him)...Peter and Caren will tell you all about him. Then I started Sam..boy he is a handful, he is a Fighter.. literary he thinks he will be my next lunch and still after all the work he is not totally convinced people are not all bad. He is broke to ride now, with some help of a trainer because I had to much on my plate, but he is far far from being ready. Then Cinderella, she is a teaser, likes to play catch. Winks at you to come close and then takes of. But she is as sweet as they can be. We decided to Adopt Sam and Cinderella. So I will be talking about them as Marion at Hidden Cave Ranch. Jim and George are still here as fosters and I am hoping to get at least George saddle trained so he will be adopted. Jim I hope somebody just falls in love with him. This boy is extremely shy...but then so was Woody and look at him now. The big difference is Woody still had/have a lot of curiosity and is very "open" Jim takes of and gives you the look...up yours ;-) you are not going to get me. So you be seeing me for Curly rescue and Hidden Cave Ranch. Have fun everybody. Jim and George the next day they came in.
Jim and George happy and fat.

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  1. Marion- Thank you so much for working with CHR's "boys!" If anyone can convince Jim to trust people, it will be you!! Laurie


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