Tuesday, January 22, 2013

First howdy!

Hello everyone! I feel so honored to be a part of this talented and enthusiastic group! It is going to be a fun year of hearing stories, looking through amazing photos, learning and being inspired! For those that I might not know yet, I am Barbara Carroll, and my husband and I have a small farm here in central Texas.....and we love Curlies! We have been breeders since 1998, and feel so blessed to be involved with this breed - they are truly unique!

Today was weaning day at the farm for 4 of our 2012 foals - oh the horror. I'm pretty sure they are big enough :O) and not sure why the girls always take it like champs but the boys are big babies and can't live with the thought of their mommies being two inches away on the other side of the corral fence. It really is drastic.

Charles says that I should officially take Tuesdays "off" from other farm work, and just spend the entire day working with the Curlies. I'm thinking he may be right!

Hope you all are having a super day!
Me and the gang of Curlies at Stag Creek Farm


  1. Nice picture! I especially admire the wooly gray and white. I still have the little cloth country doll you made me with the Curly hair. Thank you! Good to see you on the RAC!

  2. Welcome Barbara! I wish I had time to post on every post, but you all are on fire! Weaning day was always stressful for me too. Interesting about the colts and fillies...I don't dare say anything more or Harold will get after me! =]

  3. Well I have to admit Barbara has great horses, after all that is where my Dusty boy came from and a fantastic filly my Grandaughter rides, Starsong, whom she really loves.. I hope you all down in Texas aren't getting our below zero weather..

  4. Hi! Your foals are very pretty! I will look forward to hearing more from Texas!

  5. Oh thanks you guys! Susan, I am so glad you are enjoying your curly angel! They are great fun to make! And yes Denise, weaning, sigh - I think I take it as hard as they do! They were doing super the next day, and all enjoyed a good brushing. Susan, the grey and white colt is actually some sort of buckskin - either sooty or blue - and we should know more about his color when he slicks out this summer. Harold, I'm so glad you are enjoying Stardust! He was one of my greats! Right out of Morning Dove - you are a lucky dog to have him! Do you still have foals from him?

  6. A little know fact...the boys are such wimps !!!!! The fillies always seem to wean easy...while the boys.....they are just heartbroken to lose their Mamma....I even had one colt, who cried until he was hoarse he had no voice...just a sad little squeak came out when he whinnied for Mamma.....years with fillies is always easier on the ears.


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