Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wish we could have done a "cyber-ride" - do cyber trims count?

Living on this island is wonderful but it does take some adjustment; No cyber-ride for us because today was farrier day for the entire island!  Our new (and wonderful!) farrier, Dan, and his beautiful bride-to-be, Jennifer, spent a few hours this morning trimming our horses hooves.  Zachary and Jacob played with the dogs nearby until we brought Promise out, then they wanted to watch and help :)  Dan then spent some time teaching Zachary and Jacob how to trim Promise's feet.  Promise, being the steady horse that she is, stood quietly and patiently while Zachary asked Dan a gazillion questions :)  Zachary now thinks he might want to be a farrier when he grows up...but, as long as he can still "take a boat.....or a get to the other horses."


  1. LOL! It's nice you could join us even if it wasn't riding! That is so cute that Zachary wants to be a farrier. Promise is darling and such a good girl!

  2. What island do you live on? It's so nice your farrier was so patient with Zackary!

  3. I agree, how nice that your farrier took the time to chat! I love that Zachary wants to be a farrier only if he can take boats and trains! Kids do say the darndest things!

  4. Thank you :) Promise is such a good kids horse; she is so patient with children and really seems to love them!

    We live on Lopez Island, one of the San Juan Islands, off the northwestern coast of Washington state. We moved here about two months ago from San Diego. And LOVE it!!

    I agree, our farrier, Dan Hedrick, is amazing! He is so good with horses and so good with people. He has trimmed our horses twice now and each time has generously given some of his time to teach, first me, and now my boys :) Zachary is still talking about him and Jennifer! They are both kind-hearted people that truly love what they do :)