Saturday, January 19, 2013

Because off the snow and smoothness we are not capable of riding but we just wanted to say hello to the other RAC team members.
My name is Marjolein Overbosch, along with my 4 year old curly mare cinderella we finally join RAC 2013, for years I wanted to participate and finally we can! Cinderella is not a long time under sadlle but is verry sweat and easy to handle! (and funny!)I am a little insecure about taking/making trialrides outside and my goal of RAC 2013 will be to take a lot of trial rides and with a little support of the other RAC members I do think this will work out just fine this year and it all will gives me some more self esteem.
next month we expecting a second curly, a new one, a pony for my 2 daugthers! so excited.
let you know whene he will arrive!
I wish everybody a verry nice RAC 2013~
greetings Marjolein Overbosch (the netherlands)


  1. Pretty girl! I mostly trail ride and I love it! It's just awesome!

    1. Thanks janeen, I wish I was as tuff as you are!
      wanted to go out for a tral ride but don't have the balls for it hihihi....hope this summer I can also tell people I mostly do trial rides.....

  2. Welcome Marjolein, finally RAC, what you wanted with your own Curly. Good luck and most important HAVE FUN.

    1. thanks marion! I wish you also a wonderfull time!
      oja ik kan gewoon nederlands schrijven natuurlijk hahahahaa....
      Ik heb een curly pony voor de kinderen gekocht bij Louise parker.....woonde je maar dichterbij dan had ik graag die palomino van je gekocht.....maar dit is een silver buschkin, hij is 1.25 en ik verwacht hem half februari, dan kunnen hij en cinderella weer lekker thuis komen staan!

      groetjes marjolein

  3. Marjolein, it's fabulous to have you joining us this year. i am glad you were able to figure out the blogging thing! Can't wait to hear more about your new pony!


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