Saturday, January 19, 2013

Snowy Cyber Ride!

I didn't get out as early as I wanted to today and then Corky had other plans for us initially by not wanting to be caught.  Little stinker!  Picture me all bundled up in flanneled lined jeans, carhart bibs over that, RAC sweatshirt on with wool lined jacket over that and winter boots, trying to chase (cough), more like follow, Corky around until he stood still.  I worked up a sweat and it was only 22 degrees out!  But I won and we started to tack up.  I was trying to remember the last time I rode him and it's been at least 6 weeks, so I was interested to see how he would act, especially after pulling his "catch me if you can" stunt and frolicking in the new snow with Rocky.

After I haltered him, he became the old Corky I know and love.  He waited patiently while I got the icicles off of him and I could tell he was enjoying the brushing.  I got a new saddle pad for Christmas and was anxious to try that out too!  After he was all tacked up we went over to the mounting block and he has in the past given me a hard time mounting so I was happy when he just stood still and we were ready!  FINALLY! 

Remember I didn't get out as early as I wanted so I knew this was going to be a shorter ride than I wanted, but I still accomplished something today, which is the whole point; right?

This is at the start of our ride.  You can see deer tracks ahead of us.
There was a rabbit running back and forth ahead that I think caught his attention.
Starting to snow hard!
We had a wonderful ride wading through the new snow we got last night.  To my knowledge Corky has never rode in this deep of snow, so I was pleased when he just stopped and looked at the first set of rabbit tracks he came to as if to ask "What are those?"  I urged him on and he did.  A couple of spots there must have been puddles from last weekend's thaw with a thin layer of ice on them, which he fell through, but he just trudged on and took care of me like he's done this all his life.  It was wonderful to feel the solitude of the woods and enjoy our brief time together.  The weather is supposed to get artic cold, but I didn't get cold today so I'm hoping that I get to enjoy brief rides again this week!


  1. Wow you are a diehard! Love the snow . I have not given up hope yet for snow this winter in KY ;-)
    great pictures!

  2. I love riding in deep snow. Looks like a fun snowy day!

  3. What a good boy your horse is!

  4. Good to hear we weren't the only ones dressed like abominable snowmen in our big boots, snowmobile gloves and carhart bibs!

  5. Good for you Janeen!! I am thrilled that you and Corky got out today! We need to thank Kirk for your fabulous trail on a day like this. It looks perfect! You have such an amazing boy!

  6. I love your pic where the camera focused on the snowflakes! It's so pretty! So nice that you made it out Janeen!


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