Monday, January 21, 2013

Time to get back on the horse

Well I finally rode Theo after him being in training since Dec.  It felt great to ride a trotting horse again but I was a little sore the next day.  Not really used to the whole posting thing.  Saturday we struggled to find our grove but by the end of the ride we were looking better.  Sunday we had moments of greatness and several moments of ADD. Theo is the type of horse that needs constant distractions you always have to be riding him.  He see's a horse coming in, going out, a shadow moving, a piece of dirt falling through the air and he has to look at it he just has to. He doesn't spook just stares and stops paying attention to what your asking. The good news is with training they've taught him how to come back to the rider right away.  He makes me work on my riding though and lets me know if I'm being sloppy or just being a passenger.

It's great to have two different horses so I can choose what type of ride I want for the day.  I rode Abby on Saturday as well and there was a horse in for training getting round penned and all the other horses had to stare and although she looked it's only because we were standing still.  Even the bags flapping around for densitizing wasn't bothering her.  She was really stiff though so I had to take quite a while to warm her up and by that time she was warmed up she was tired so we didn't get alot of work done but conditioning I guess.  There is a ranch horse show at our barn this weekend and I planned on doing a reining class with her but if she is to stiff I'll probably pass.  Next week the vet is coming to check on her stifles and talk about options.

Well it's -20 with the windshield here today so the ponies are inside and will probably stay there through the night.  I've always struggled to keep weight on Theo, and Abby I don't blanket so I think it's only fair to them to be out of the cold and in the nice barn.

I promise I will post pics next time.

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  1. Yes, Nice to have two to choose from! Posting builds those muscles....I wonder how many calories it burns???? :)


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