Saturday, January 19, 2013

Ride With Me Down on the Farm!

What started out as a pretty miserable day ended up pretty nice in the afternoon! Just as well that I had to work this morning!
Linus was so full of himself today, I spent a good half hour or more doing groundwork to let off some steam! We did some free longeing, lots of backing up and circles and when he finally got to needing something new to occupy him we played some barnyard fetch! This consisted of me dragging around an old fly mask on a rope and him trying to catch it. It did the trick and he settled right into regular mellow Linus. Then I threw the mask around and all over him. Ho hum!
Time to tack up! It was too yucky out at first to bring out the saddle. It's not new or anything but is leather with a suede seat. So we bareback padded it! I love riding bareback! Linus is such a nice mover and nothing warms your bum better in the winter!
We did some trotting and just checked things out around the farm. The roads aren't the greatest right now so it's best to stay off of them.
I've posted some pics from today. From Linus rolling to us checking out the truck and tractor to enjoying our ride!
Hopefully everyone else got to get out and enjoy their horses today too. From the ground or mounted up!

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  1. Awesome that you got out Donna! Dont you just love riding in the winter! Even if they are a little spunky. =] Love the pics..Linus is such a hoot!!

    My buddy Erin rode with me today and is in the non competitive group so she is going to be our blogger. =] She is going to help me ride my horses this year. She said she always sees CHC's contests and wants to be part of is her chance.

  2. That's awesome that you have a riding buddy! And that she joined this year too!! Can't wait to read the post! And yes, I do LOVE winter riding!! It's my favourite! Linus too!

  3. For a split second, Donna, I thought the first picture was a picture of Corky! I guess because his mane is roached! So glad you got out! Always love to hear your stories!


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