Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hi from rainy WET Kentucky

Well here I am again, but now under Hidden Cave Ranch Curly Horses. We own a ranch and run a B&B and do trail rides with our curly horses. We also breed and our Stallion is Stagcreek Lydiker. This year we are expecting 3 possible ( not confirmed yet) 4 foals from him. It is a bit two sided...breeding on one hand ...rescuing on the other and honestly I am not sure what to do next year yet. But what I DO know is I am going to ride and train horses as much as I can, with as much different horses possible to get them all trained and well mannered. I am a little frustrated right now because we have so much rain rain rain there is no riding right now, to slick to muddy. Today actually the first dry day so maybe tomorrow at least I can start groundwork. We have Warrior Freedom, he is a beautiful gelding I trained myself. We had some "bucking" problems and he dumped me twice pretty bad, That hurted not only my ribs but also my confidence at lot. He is doing great now, but still we have problems with loping so that is my goal with him. Lope lope ......gallop and run LOL. WWW Blue eyed Jake. We went to get him for my husband, but honestly he was not as big as I thought he would be. However I felt totally in love with this boy he is such goof. My husband is very, big, tall and heavy, not allowed on a horse yet ;-). So I stole his horse. My goal with him is to start ACTHA competitions or other local competitive trail rides. He is still very green, when we got him he was only saddle trained for 5 months so he has still some miles to do before he is ready. He did enter the Christmas parade and he was super super, I could not be more proud of him. Sam, one of the K5. He is "saddle trained" but has a lot of issues. He is unpredictable and he "shuts down". My goal with him is to get his trust and his whole heart and not a little piece. My crown jewel Lydiker, our breeding Stallion. He will be 4 this year. I rode him only twice just to see how "trainable" he was before I used him as a breeding stallion. He needs to grow more in get more muscles. I did not wanted to push him to fast to young. He is awesome. He is very gaited and I hope I can learn how to ride him since I have no experience in gaited horses. If everything goes well I will show him at local horse shows. I am so excited about that, all we have here are Tennessee walkers, Rocky mountains and I don't even know what kind of gaited horses but NO curly horses...I hope we can steal the show with this black beauty. I can go on and on, but this is the start...many more horses at the farm who needs work, but lets begin with these horses. Freedom
ps I am from the Netherlands and moved 2.5 years ago to KY. So I am apologizing for my spelling ;-) Marion Hidden Cave Ranch, KY


  1. The horses are looking great Marion! You are so busy! But your horses always look happy : )

    1. I do have my lazy days too ;-) specially now it is so wet....on the other hand...lots and lots more stalls to clean since they sleep inside instead of in the mud.
      Thank you for your happy, Marion happy

  2. Love your stallion! What a gorgeous boy.

  3. Hi Marion,

    Your horses look great and I love to read about your adventures! Over here (NL) it is now really cold! Quite a bit of snow and colder than it was last year!

    Greeting (groetjes) from the Netherlands!

  4. Marion, yes all your horses look great! Thank you for all you do for this wonderful breed. I love the picture of you on Jake.

  5. I know how you feel about it being so slippery and wet outside right now. Hopefully things will settle and dry up so we can get some good work done with the horses! Good Luck!

  6. Marion, do you have trails right off your property? If you do, maybe we could make a trip and ride with you, since we live so close.


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