Saturday, January 26, 2013

It's a heat wave!

After a bitter, bitter week it is finally warming up in Michigan! The sun is shining so brightly today that you can't help but smile! Corky and I set out about 1:30 for an afternoon jaunt. I rode yesterday late afternoon for only about 1/2 hour before my face was too cold, but today I could have kept going and going! As we started down the trail Corky wasn't as eager today and I felt it was because he was probably a little tired and possibly sore from yesterday. Our snow depth is getting deep, but it's pretty fluffy, so it shouldn't be too bad on him. I was ready for an easy going kind of ride and so was he. My intention was to do some "off-roading" in the woods instead of just staying on trails, just to see how he would do with it. He must have read my mind, because at one point he headed off into the woods on his own. I know I shouldn't let him do that, but I agreed with his choice! I don't think anything will ever stop Corky from going where he wants to go, because at several points there were alot of little trees in our way and he just plowed through. Sometimes that wasn't such a good idea and I had to stop him, which gave us a chance to work on "back." He's still learning it. He would take half a step and stop, but then get frustrated and start pawing on the snow. I've learned that's his signal to me that he's confused. Toward the end of the ride the last time we had to back up, he did much better and I was pleased with our progress. Below is a picture that's almost at the corner of our property. Down the slope to the left is a small stream/ditch and if I can figure out how to get across and get the neighbor's permission there are miles and miles of trails across there! We continued to just take little off-road views here and there and enjoy our day!  Corky is such a good trooper and curious too!  One section I took it was small hills up and down and he just did it without hesitating.  Corky finally was showing signs of being tired, so I decided we better call it a day.  When we got back and I was taking the saddle off I realized we must have been in some deep snow because his belly was all snow. 

My husband took our picture before he went to work and he told Corky to take care of me and Corky did.  We hope everyone is having a good weekend!


  1. What a trooper Corky is going through the bush like that!! I love meandering through the trees! Linus always kicks it up a few gears - he just loves it too!! Glad you were able to enjoy the beautiful sunshine!

  2. Awww...what a GREAT picture!! You will find winter riding to be the BEST! I think I enjoy it so much for many reasons but mainly because we are so cooped up in the winter, that brisk hour or so outside does us so much good. Plus the beautiful snow and scenery...and the soft cushion to fall on if something happens. lol AND, it is a good work out for the horses and keeps them in shape for summer riding!! GREAT job Corky and Janeen!! You have one heck of a trail horse here, Janeen. I am SO happy for you!!

  3. That Corky is sure turning out to be one darn good trail horse. You two make a great team. That's some beautiful country you have there!


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