Sunday, January 27, 2013

BIg Foot in Eastern Ontario on Saturay

Yes!  I'm in Eastern Ontario too.... Not too far from Donna...
Big foot can either travel fast or there's more than one...  I swear I saw the same black hairy 'thing' on our ride yesterday (Saturday).  Sunny and I were out for a trail ride in our back 40 and I knew I saw 'something'.... and it was the same colour... maybe we have a different variety of Big Foot here in Eastern Ontario...?  I'm glad you saw it too, now I know what it was! 
We're going out again today... We're coming to find you Big Foot.....;-)


  1. Well enjoy your ride today, I hope the sunshines nicely on you and keeps you warm, I will be waiting for bigfoot news, have a great ride

  2. I have heard he travels almost as quickly as he disappears!! So it's quite likely you did see him too!! Where are you located Cyndi?

    1. Hi Donna,
      I'm in Bourget. I have one of Karalee's boys :-)
      I was supposed to go out to look for big foot today, and was SO looking forward to it, as it is BEAUTIFUL but my dog 'decided' to have her puppies today!! We are at a count of 4 boys right now... waiting on some girls... hopefully.

  3. Cyndi, my riding schedule has to revolve around puppies, too (well, of course and WORK), but please take care when Bigfoot Searching because one never knows what one may find! Good luck on your litter; I will keep my fingers crossed for 5 girls!


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