Sunday, January 20, 2013


I am signing in to say "hello all!"

I'm Shelly White from Curly Standard Place in Summerland, BC - many of you already know me, but I am going to share some "little known facts" about me and my farm.

Currently on my farm we have 27 horses! I actually have 2 more that are out on breeding leases, so we won't count them.... :)

So who are they all you ask?

Curlies first! There are 14 of them!:

*Sandman's Magic - my main stallion - we do ride him - hope we can blog about him this year!
*BCF Icon - my junior stallion - we do ride him - we WILL be blogging about him!
*Spar's Barefoot Contessa - she is my heart :) she is an own daughter of *Spartacus and my bestie mare *Chip's Barefoot Babe. Tessa is my riding horse - you will be hearing about her for sure!
*Shesa Magic Charm - we ride her lots - she is awesome, fun and forward! We will be blogging about her for sure!
*Sandman's Serenade - the sweetest Curly EVER - I ride her lots too!
*Poplar's Bijou - the "real" puppy dog temperament you hear so much about - we ride her lots too!
*BCF Extreme Divinity - "I" don't ride Divinity - she is Anastasia's horse (my daughter, she is also on RAC so you will be hearing from her soon too I hope!
*CNC Joeseph King of Dreams - awesome teenager gelding - Anastasia is also riding him... (I keep her busy lol).
*My New Flame - she is getting ready to go back under saddle (had a foal last year) she is only green though - I will be blogging about her!
DKH Lacey - she is awaiting her foal - you all won't be hearing too much about Lacey - other than I am sure a foal announcement!
*Sam I Am - she is Tessa's and Sandman's daughter - she will be 3 this year and I hope to get her under saddle!
*Izzabella - she is a long weanling right now - so you won't hear much about her - but she is cuter than cute!
*Indiana Jones - he is Izzy's brother - also a long weanling so he will be in the background - but I am working with these youngsters too!
*Baron Rouge - he is a son of *Bijou! He is a long weanling so mostly just hanging out and growing!

Okay - so then there are 5 non Curlies that live here - 2 are mine and are expecting foals and 3 belong to my partner - so you won't be hearing about them much either!

Then, I have 8 horses that are boarded here that I also take care of! Six of them I don't have too much to do with, other than taking care of them - but the other 4, 2 of them are in saddle training with me and one of them is a Curly, a son of Sandman!

And finally, the point of my blog! Please meet the lovely *Reluctant Magic, son of *Sandman!

Now, I have got the okay from Denise to post about this boy (barn name *Relic) but I won't be logging any points when I start riding him - as he doesn't belong to me and I am actually being paid to train him to ride.  He is a great boy though - very attentive and fast becoming a favorite of mine!

I have had him for about 5 or so weeks now and he is wearing a saddle and bridle, lunging well, walk, trot, canter, he has been round penned and he yields all four quarters very nicely.  I have been up next to him on the mounting block and flapped around some :)  the next step is to get side reins on him and do some steering through ground driving.  Before I finally get up on him he will know most of what he needs to know to be a riding horse.

I hope you don't mind me sharing my training time with him - my riding time is limited right now due to the weather and # of hours of daylight, but I am also looking forward to riding all of the above listed horses that I can!

Thanks for letting me share! Go RAC!
Curly Standard Place 


  1. I always enjoy hearing about other people training! Nice looking boy!

  2. I really like his build! He's looks like a compact sport horse! Best of luck you sound really excited about him!

  3. Finally, Shelly, I get to know more about your farm! Great!

  4. I ditto that! I love reading about training methods; I'm glued to every word. You have such lovely horses. I especially drool over Charm and Serenade, and that Relic is one handsome dude! Very well put-together.

  5. He is beautiful Shelly! I can't wait to hear his progress!