Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What a Start!!

Loving all the posts already!!
Thanks so much Denise - it's awesome to be back at it!! And congratulations to Jessica for the great new logo! I think it resembles the RAC perfectly!!
For those who are new, my name is Donna Wilson and I am from Lunenburg, Ontario. My kickass Curly, HCH Make My Day (Linus) is from Stirling, ON! I purchased him prior to him being weaned and visited him until he was ready to come home. Once here, we started on groundwork and ground driving. We went for lots of walks and built a bond that is stronger than I've had with any other animal. He's my boy and he knows I'm his person! He stays between me and our Arab mare that belongs to my father.
I live off farm (not by choice! My husband has many allergies!) but nearby. My Dad and I raise Black Angus and Linus loves it when I ride him in there and for fun we will cut a heifer or steer out. He seems to have some natural cow sense. He's very good at it!
Linus is a smooth coated Curly and will be 4 this year. I've done all his training and have learned so much from him. They say once in a lifetime, you will have that one horse that is your "equine soul mate". For me, its Linus. We drive, though I still have to replace his now too small cart, and we love to trail ride! Linus loves doing obstacles too. He has the funniest personality and a knack for finding trouble! He would walk right into the house if you'd let him! But he is gentle as can be and my now 4 year old son has ridden him for about 3 years! My niece and nephew loves rides too and Linus LOVES kids!!
I was so delighted today when I finally had a light day on my mail route. Once chores were done, we saddled up and had a ride!! First time the saddle has been out since November!! We've had a couple of bareback rides in there but a massive snow storm took care of having anywhere to ride! Our January thaw has given some space back!!
We had a pretty spirited ride today. Linus was loaded but he always listens well. We checked a bit of fence and just meandered around. It was so great to be on his back again!! Our goal for this year is to step it up a notch. Linus is ready for more action and so am I! There really is something to be said for growing with your horse!!
You'll notice I post from my mobile a lot. As such, I cannot place my pictures so you'll have to bear with me!! All were taken today. From Linus before the ride waiting at the gate for me to checking on our herd bull, "Mac" to our goofy head shot!
Donna Wilson
Lunenburg, ON
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  1. Nice young horse! He looks and sounds just like a smooth coated version of my 4 yr old gelding, Remi! How nice it is that you have such a special bond!

  2. Well Donna, I think you sent your cold weather my way,,, I like you rosey red cheeks, and yes you do have an awesome horse.

  3. Man Linus has sure filled out, he looks very grown up! So excited that Denise is doing the RAC again =) Harold is right, you blew it south, I need Angie to push some of the Texas heat north =)

  4. Dana is right, Linus is all grown up! So sleek and mature looking. All ready to hit the trails any time you want, how sweet is that! I am looking forward to reading about your riding adventures and seeing your Canadian countryside this year. Like Harold, I think your rosy cheeks are cute, too!

  5. Hello Donna and Linus! Hahaha yes they are spirited at the moment, when it is so cold, aren't they? You both look fabulous! Best Caren

  6. Hi Donna and thank you!
    Linus is looking great as allways! He is so mature looking for his age! My Voelie turns 3 this year but she still looks a bit like a baby:) Maybe by springtime or summer she will be a bit more mature, at this time she is really growing (her backside is higher than the front again:)