Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our Stallion Lydiker his second ride....unbelievable!

Yesterday I started Lydiker again. I have only rode him once!! and that was a year ago. He will be 4 this year but he is a late bloomer so I gave him more time to grow and still, he needs to go slow. I only got him used to the saddle and rode him around in the roundpen. Now I put the saddle on did some groundwork to see how he was and got on.....UNBELIEVABLE.... it is like he has been ridden for months. He walks, gaits, lope with no problems. Doesn't stop doesn't hesitate ( some young horse Freedom for example will just stop and stand with their feet planted in the ground and don't go) he just does it. I am so trilled with my Black Beauty. He is also the first gaited horse I have ever had and ridden. It is amazingly ...funny. I have to really be careful not to go to fast with him. Lydiker is being offered for breeding in 2013 to approved mares ;-)
Next one was Freedom. After riding Lydiker, boy I had to work hard LOL and so did Freedom. He is a very "sticky" dull horse and I have a hard time moving his feed and getting him soft and flexible. I did a lot of lessons in the Netherlands in Classic dressage, including the lunging and groundwork which is very different. In combination with the lessons I had from Paul Dietz and Buck Brannaman it works very well on Freedom. I am working on bending at the pole and flexing to make him soft and bend his ribs. We even did 1-2 strides on lope. It is not much but for Freedom it is so I was very pleased. He tries, all he needs is to get more comfortable in his body and how to use it with a rider on him ;-) No trail rides her on the property for a while, they are logging....
Marion Hidden Cave Ranch Curly Horses, KY


  1. Looks like it keeps you buisy with all of them, nice job though,, My question is where is all the snow???

  2. Amazing, Marion! Lydiker sounds like one in a million.

  3. Thanks Harold, unfortunately we get the cold but not the snow ;-( Yes Susan he is something else. Although I did a lot of preparing groundwork with him but still...amazing horse.