Thursday, January 31, 2013

Baby steps

Here's a picture from a few days ago, Voelie found tracks in the snow near her toy in the field.. after hearing all my RAC stories about the Big Foot travelling around the USA Voelie was worried that Big Foot might just have crossed the ocean coming here to take her toy!

But luckily as you can see the tracks are small. Probably a rabbit. or are these baby steps and should we be worrying about a baby Big Foot! Please help, give us advice!

On the training side I am the one taking baby steps with Voelie. My goal is to start her saddle training this year. What I am mostly doing now is incorporating activities into the games we do to keep thinsg fun for Voelie. I stand on my high step (for easy mounting:) and swing my leg back and forth over her back, touching her but putting no weight on her. I practice when she is loose in the field juming up and dowen standing next to her (as if I were going to jump on to her back or dismount). She loves all these games. I hope by taking these baby steps she will keep her trust and learn to stay calm. She is more high spirited than Suri and can be quite jumpy, so relaxing and taking things easy is important.

Here are some more snow pictures of the horses, these are from last week, notice the lovely curls:)


  1. Wow Voelie has changed and grown so much in the last 6 months! She is looking pretty awesome Jessica! Maybe Bigfoot mamas travel overseas to have their babies!? Keep on the lookout

  2. Thanks Donna! I will keep on the lookout!
    Voelie has indeed developed a lot in the last months. She has not grown very tall but she has grown in width and strength. She is almost 1.40 m tall now, so a nice pony size!


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