Sunday, January 20, 2013

Greetings from freezing cold Finland! 

I'am taking part at RAC for the second time now. And my (our) horses are: black Apache age 17 and buckskin Yuma is 3.

I started RAC yesterday by participating the clinic with Apache (pictures will come later). Apache do not go easily / willingly to the trailer, so we practiced it on clinic. And because my goal is show jumping  (at leas once) with Apache, so we start it, whit training to go to trailer :)

Whit Yuma my goal is to increase riding, so far it has been limited, and in fact, it is not clear to me whether we get points from half-hour riding?

Happy ridings for all,

Eeva Feirikki


  1. Eeva, I'll speak up and tell you half hour riding equals 2 points! In this frigid weather half hour is about all I can stand! Your horses are beautiful!

  2. Most of mine last RAC was half hour also because of my young horse. Best of luck with your goals!

  3. Besides, we all know that to ride a half hour is still more like an hour and a half between tacking up and untacking!! Nice to meet you Eevi. I live in Maine, USA! I can understand your cold!!


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