Friday, December 2, 2011

*Charm and her daddy

I have been trying to get a photo of ME riding *Charm, but it seems that whenever I have extra people here (Anastasia) she (Anastasia) wants to ride *Charm herself!  Not that I can blame her, *Charm is becoming something of a favorite of ours to ride - she is confident, forward, brave and well trained - what a nice ride she is!  Anyhow, I "did" get a photo of them on the trail last weekend and I am just getting around to sharing it here.  Well, I will include two photos - one of that shows that I was actually "on" a horse :)  and also has my fearless partner on his favorite horse (not a Curly, be we are working on it!).  The riding this Fall has been truly exceptional and I have been taking complete advantage of it and trying to ride at least 1 or 2 horses, sometimes 3!

Long story, but my favorite boy *Sandman has been away from our farm for "quite" a long time and I am happy to share that he is now HOME!  I did some ground work with him the other day and took this picture with my phone - he is such a good boy:
Well, will try for some more photos this weekend!
Shelly in Summerland, BC Canada


  1. Charm sounds like a horse I would enjoy riding!

  2. Shelly the last picture is he an extrem?? what does the tail look like?? He sure does have a pretty head I like the eyes.

  3. I bet you would enjoy her Susan - she is a got gettum kind of horse - but so obedient too - she is a delight to ride!

    Harold - yes, Sandman is an extreme - he is my 11 year old stallion, he is the sire of Charm, the horse being ridden by Anastasia. He does have an exceptionally pretty head which he does pass on to his foals most of the time. He is also the sire of the mare that I have been riding, Serenade.


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