Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ho, ho, ho! Santa's Coming!

While I know this can't top what Betsy and Zoe have been doing, I was very excited to do this with my new baby boy. Rocky came home just six days ago and will be 2 in March. His prior training has been awesome as evidenced by his trust in people. He truly has the Curly attitude and always wants to be with you. Rocky didn't let me down as I dressed him up as Santa this morning. He just took everything in stride! He never once thought twice about what I was doing. When I wrapped his legs he did keep picking up his feet thinking I wanted his hooves, but soon realized I wanted him to stand still.

Because it's been dreary and rainy until last night when it got cold and the rain turned to snow, I haven't had much chance to work with Rocky yet. So as I was thinking of how to do his suit, I was reminded of the obstacle challenge and that some of this would be like the obstacle challenge. But like Tygs was, nothing has fazed Rocky so far.

So here is Rocky as Santa, complete with a bag of toys, hat, belt and a beard! The "toys" are really just a plastic sack filled with bubble wrap, so it crinkled, but he didn't think anything of it. I was prepared to take it off, but in true Curly style he was fine with whatever I wanted to do.

I want to thank Betsy for the tip on the hat. It really helped! He didn't shake his head at all, though. And then the beard is old angel hair I found and I just tucked it into his halter.

My husband and I truly feel blessed to have this boy in our lives and know there are many good years ahead of us with him! I want to thank Denise for passing his sale on to me and just when I thought things weren't possible, all the doors opened and he was ours! Many Blessings from the Radtkes to you!


  1. he looks great with a beard ! :) nice outfit .. looks like he's definitely a keeper !

  2. Excellent Janeen!!! Bet you had a blast getting to do this with your new lovely boy!! He does look like a keeper!

  3. Sounds like love at first sight with you two, and what a handsome Santa he makes! Like the black belt around the middle - nice touch. Merry Christmas to you, Janeen! -Susan and Didder in Maine

  4. Adorable! So glad you shared the picture. I know he has found a great home!

  5. To be so calm with that, at such a young age. You will make a great team, here's hoping for lots of great years for the both of you. Terrie


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