Friday, December 30, 2011

Thans Denise !

Thank you for this year and the RAC. RAC, and this blog has been really important to us. We have get ideas to work with our curlys and what is really important, we have been in contact with other enthusiasts (we are quite alone here in Finland).

I am stretching the Apache for competition, Kirsti

hold him.

Yuma our younger competitor

Kirsti, Yuma, Apache and Eeva


  1. Thank you Kirsti and Eeva! It's always wonderful to have curly owners join us from overseas! Thank you for being so involved - it sure makes our world a little bit smaller. =] Best to you in 2012!

  2. I second Denise's comment about how wonderful it is to have people who participated from over-seas! It certainly does make the world feel like a warmer, smaller place! I will miss that part, for certain!

  3. Kirsti,
    Apache sure is enjoying the stretching out! He is lovely.

  4. Love the stretching picture Eeva!! Happy New YEar!


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