Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chester and Angie send big hugs and thank yous too{:>

My Curly Champion, Chester loves his treats. Thank you for giving us the initiative to get out and ride a curly{:>
And, big hugs to Susan and Didder who are the best riding partners a Texas Curly Cowgirl could have{:>

Best wishes to everyone for a wonderful, safe and happy New Year

Angie and Chester


  1. Thank you Angie! Your zeal and dedication to the contest has been so inspiring, thank you for being involved and tackling each challenge with such gusto! Look forward to riding along side you all in 2012. Lets' stay in touch!

  2. Well Angie Happy New Year to you, hope you get a lot of snow. Still haven't seen the donkey family

  3. Angie, I wouldn't have missed it for the world! Imagine that, someone from Maine and someone from Texas being such good friends when we have only actually met once. Thank you, Denise!

  4. Angie you're such an awesome cowgirl and it's always fun following your posts. Chester (your sofa, lol) is the perfect partner for you!! Thanks for all you do for the breed and for keeping all of us encouraged!


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